Author Goals: Get Your Book Written Faster than You Think!

new years goal for writers - get your manuscript writtenHappy New Year!

If one of your New Years resolutions or goals is to finally write a book, we’ve got some good news for you: it may not be as hard as you think! Start with an outline and then set a schedule to get it done.

Typical nonfiction book manuscripts average between 50,000 words (for a shorter book) to 80,000 words (for a much longer book). If you want to write a 50,000 word manuscript, here are some goals to consider setting for yourself:

1000 words per DAY x 50 days

500 words per day x 100 days

250 words per day x 200 days

5000 words per WEEK x 10 weeks

2500 words per week x 20 weeks

1000 words per week x 50 weeks

(500 words = one typed page)

You can do this!

Get up earlier, stay up later, skip your lunch hour–do whatever it takes to achieve your dream of writing a book!

Projected Word Count: ________________

Number of Words You Plan to Write Per Week: ___________________

Number of Weeks to Completion: _______________


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  1. Rochmad Nuryadin says:

    Hi ..Stephanie

    I am a new member and newbie writer
    I have question..How to develop list in outline into paragraph? I can create outline succsessfully but difficult to develop it into paragraphs. on your tips above you said 500 words daily.How to achieve that ?


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