Business Promotion Strategy: Submit to Superpages

Business Promotion Strategy: Submit to SuperpagesOne way to get your business name noticed on internet searches is by using, the online directory for local businesses. A basic listing is free and it’s a good idea to snatch the opportunity to get your business listed in a directory that frequently appears at the top of Google.

  1. Go to and click on the link for Business Listing.
  1. Superpages searches by phone number. Enter yours to find out if your business is listed. If it is listed, click on the link to claim it. If it isn’t listed, continue to add your listing.
  1. Fill out profile details and import your company logo and optional photos.
  1. Note that you will be asked to purchase paid listings and add-ons. You can click “No Thanks” to bypass these options and claim a free listing.
  1. Submit your listing. It will go live within two business days.

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