10 Reasons Why Nonfiction Authors Should Create and Sell Workbooks

10 Reasons Why Nonfiction Authors Should Create and Sell Workbooks

I have always been a fan of workbooks, both as a writer and as a reader. Workbooks give the reader something more to do with content and can add value to a reader’s experience. They are relatively easy to create and can give a nice boost to your overall revenues. Here are some more reasons to consider adding a workbook to your product list.

1. Workbooks are a natural up-sell to a non-fiction book.

2. Readers will appreciate having an interactive experience with your content.

3. Workbooks have a higher perceived value. Typical prices range from $20 to $35.

4. You can bundle a workbook with your book to increase back-of-the-room sales.

5. Workbooks are easier to write than books because there is less content.

6. You can offer your workbook as a PDF download, cutting costs and increasing profits.

7. The PDF version of your workbook can be given away as a bonus with other purchases.

8. Workbooks can be great tools for working with consulting clients.

9. For workshops, workbooks add tremendous value for participants while also making your job as workshop leader easier.

10. A workbook doesn’t have to be spiral bound; it can be perfect bound and put into distribution like any other book on Amazon and other retail outlets.

What to include in your workbook:

  • Simple, supporting text to explain exercises
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Essay questions
  • Worksheets
  • Spreadsheets
  • Thoughtful questions that the reader can answer
  • Plenty of white space for writing

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