If you are selling books and other products and services through your website, you’ve probably already learned that sales can ebb and flow. Here are some tactics to reduce the ebb and keep your sales flowing!10 Ways to Boost Sales on Your Website

1. Upsell on Your Thank You Page
Studies have shown that a high percentage of additional sales happen after an initial sale is made. On your “Thank You” page, add a note that says, “People who bought XYZ also enjoyed ABC.” You could also offer a special discount for the additional sale.

2. Create Product Bundles
You can combine books, audio recordings, videos, consulting time, event tickets, and even other people’s books to create irresistible packages. Why not bundle some of your offerings together and then offer them at a discount?

3. Rewrite Your Sales Pages
If sales are slow, take a close look at your sales pages. Do they convey benefits to the buyer? Are they easy to read? Though long sales pages are often advocated, they aren’t the only way to capture sales. Sometimes short and sweet can get the job done. Try new sales copy and see if that makes a difference.

4. Add Testimonials
Social proof helps turn prospects into customers. Gather testimonials for your readers and buyers (real testimonials from real customers!) and sprinkle them through your sales pages.

5. Evaluate Site Navigation
Is your book page easy to find? If it’s buried or not too obvious, change your navigation so that it’s easy to locate.

6. Write Related Articles
Write an interesting blog post or article and then at the end, promote your book or a related product or service. You could simply say: “Like this post? You’ll find even more tips in my book…” Publish on your site or guest blog for other websites.

7. Leverage Email
If you send out an email newsletter, always feature a book, product or service. It’s that simple, and these can be rotated with each new edition.

8. Announce to a Group or Forum
If you’re active in any online groups or forums, find a way to mention your product or service without turning people off. There is an art to this. Answer forum questions thoughtfully and end with a brief mention of your book and include a link to purchase.

9. Add Bonuses
If you want to sell more books, make the offer more enticing by adding bonuses. These can include a downloadable companion workbook, special report, recordings from a past event, or any other kind of information. Help buyers feel like they are getting a deal and it will be easier for them to make a purchase.

10. Ask for the Sale
Every website needs a call to action. That simply means that you are asking visitors to do something. A call to action can include asking visitors to fill out a web form, call for a free consultation, or make a purchase. Believe it or not, sometimes all you have to do is ask!

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