13 Ways to Make the Most of Your Facebook Author PageIf you don’t yet have an Author page on Facebook, separate from your personal page, that’s your first step. Set it up under your author name, not your book. That way when you write additional books, you can use the one author page for them all instead of creating a new page for every book. Here are 13 ways you can get started utilizing your author page.

  • Claim your custom URL. Example: https://www.facebook.com/Author[YOURNAME]/.
  • Create a Cover Image that clearly shows the type of book(s) you write. The image can include the cover of your book(s) as well as a short text description of your topic. This area is what people see first so make it count. You can even change it from time to time – when you’re offering your book on sale or have a special event or speaking engagement coming up.
  • Use a professional headshot for the profile image.
  • Call to Action button. Just below the cover image is a button that can be customized to say Sign Up, Contact Us, Book Now, Learn More, or Get in Touch. You can add a link to a page on your website where followers can sign up for your newsletter, learn about your services, or contact you.
  • Use Tabs wisely. You can rearrange them as you like (Under Settings, Edit Page.) You can include a Services tab, Photos, Videos, Events and more.
  • About Section. Write a brief summary about your book in the About section (though it is limited to 255 characters.) You can add more details in the Story section that include your keywords.
  • Pin a post. You can pin any post or image to the top of the page so it’s the first thing visitors see. Just click on the drop-down arrow in the upper right-hand corner of any post and choose Pin to Top of Page. This can be changed periodically. Are you running a special? Pin that post to the top of the page. Did you just release a new book? Change the pinned post so people see that first.
  • Post at least 3 times a week, preferably daily. Some ideas to get you started: post a short book excerpt, a relevant quote, a brief reader review, or ask a question to get conversations started. Get creative!
  • Boost a post. Once you see which post is most popular, this may be a good one to spend some money on to Boost. This is one way to get your page in front of new eyes and increase followers. You might also consider creating an ad, particularly if you’re about to launch a book. You don’t have to spend a lot. Test the waters with just $1 per day.
  • Check your notifications and messages daily. A reader may have asked a question, posted a comment, or sent you a message. You don’t want to miss any interactions. This is a great opportunity to engage with your readers.
  • Check your Insights tab at least once a week. You’ll be able to see data showing how many people viewed your posts, how much engagement your page is getting, which posts are most popular, and much more.
  • Create a Milestone. Did you just sell your 100th copy? Release a second edition? Or reach some other milestone? Under your cover image to the right of the Share button is a box with 3 dots (…). Click there and in the drop-down you’ll find Create Milestone.
  • Add a Follow Me button on your website so readers can find you on Facebook. Include the link to your Facebook page in your email signature and at any other online networks as well as in any printed marketing materials.

There is a lot you can do with your Facebook author page. These ideas will get you started. I’d love to hear what else you’ve done with yours.

Sue Canfield, Social Media Consultant
Author Bio:

Sue Canfield specializes in social media marketing and consultation for nonfiction authors. Since 2006 she has helped dozens of authors create and maintain their social media presence. She writes about using social media to help promote your book at her blog. You can connect with Sue on Twitter and Facebook.