Speakers and Topics:

Nonfiction Writers Conference RecordingsDan Poynter – Keynote: The Future of Publishing

Michael Larsen – How to Write a Book Proposal

Bob Erdmann – How to Sell Foreign Rights for Your Book

Terry Whalin – Making the Choice: Traditional vs. Self-Publishing

V. Michael Santoro – Author Websites and Search Engine Optimization

Roger C. Parker – How to Write Your Book

Joan Stewart – Social Media for Authors

Jane Atkinson – Break in to Professional Speaking

Shel Horowitz – Grassroots Book Marketing

Barbara Winter – Building Long Shelf Life for Your Book

Jan B. King – Profitable Virtual Book Tours

Elinor Stutz – How to Build a Business with a Book

Milana Leshinsky – How to Design, Market and Sell Coaching Programs

Brian Jud – How to Sell Books in Bulk to Non-Bookstore Buyers

Marnie Pehrson – Marketing with Articles

Jon Hansen – How to Leverage Internet Radio and Podcasts

Andrea Hurst – Query Letter Clinic

Stephanie Chandler – Make Money with Information Products

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Feedback from Past Attendees:

I have nothing but praise for the 2013 Non Fiction Writers Conference. Stephanie Chandler did a fantastic job coordinating the event and is a wonderful speaker in her own right. The conference provided me with so many great ideas that I am definitely excited to get busy implementing. Already looking forward to 2014!
– Elin Criswell, Creative Soap Making, www.TheCountrySoaper.com

“The Nonfiction Writers Conference is the best tool I have in my writer’s toolkit. I’ve attended for two years, and it has helped me navigate the complicated world of writing, publishing, marketing, and staying sane. The value of what I received exceeded the price I paid. Stephanie Chandler is a treasure; she understands what writers need and she delivers it with integrity and fun. To every nonfiction writer I say, ‘Sign up for this conference and pay for the audio recordings (and transcripts if you want). If you can’t attend, you can listen to the transcripts. You won’t be sorry.’”
– Lucinda K. Porter, Author of Free from Hepatitis C, www.lucindaporterrn.com

“This conference made the vision of my niche market perfectly clear. After Friday’s session, I was able to write a detailed outline of my next book and all the pieces fell into place. The Nonfiction Writer’s Conference is a ‘can’t miss’ for new authors.”
– Tim Rymel, author of “Everything I Learned About Management I Learned from Having a Kindergartner,” http://TimRymel.com

“The Nonfiction Writer’s Conference was the most customer-focused and content-rich seminar I’ve attended in years—with an excellent cross-section of topics and speakers. Great job coordinating all of this, Stephanie! Cheers!”
– Marsha Toy Engstrom The Book Club Cheerleader www.bookclubcheerleader.com

“This conference was amazing. It was everything I needed and it went beyond my expectations. I was wondering if I was on the right track and this conference was confirmation. Please attend next year because I will!”
– Tiffany E. Moore, www.purposeinyou.com

“Amazing! Enlightening! Crucial to authors – whether published already or just starting out. I thoroughly enjoyed learning SO MUCH from all of the dynamic and exceptional speakers and now feel I have a very strong idea of how to keep moving forward in my work as an author. ONE conference that EVERY AUTHOR needs to attend is the NFWC!! Thank you Stephanie and all involved for making my first conference one I will be ABSOLUTELY coming back to!”
– Susan L. Dascenzi, MSW, LCSW “Shattering the Illusions: A Practical Guide to Setting Your Mind Free,”  www.truevisionaries.com

“This my 2nd time attending the Non Fiction Writers Conference, and Stephanie Chandler did not disappoint. It was timely, informative, and loaded with industry professionals who were skilled, and knowledgeable helping self publishers further their journey. I highly recommended this conference to anyone who seeks to publish independently because attending this event brought in the professionals who made you feel like they could be departments of your organization.”
– Vicki Ward, Savvy, Sassy, and Bold After 50

“As a fledgling author and first-time attendee, I was overwhelmed with all the useful information presented. The format was convenient, the agenda was clear, and the speakers were all experts in their fields. This was well worth my time and money!
– Gwynnae Byrd Home Transitions, www.SacHomeTransitions.com

I was blown away by the content in the NFWC 2012! It broadened my understanding and clarified numerous questions about writing, publishing and speaking in the non-fiction world. I am putting my new knowledge into practice already and finding growth in my social media platform along with more focused writing in general. Bonus: the online conference brought authors and speakers into my own home. Most cost effective!”
– Sharon R Hoover, http://journalmissionalliving.wordpress.com

All writers, new and seasoned, should consider adding the Nonfiction Writer’s Conference to their “essential tool” list. After pen, paper, and a computer, add the “Nonfiction Writer’s Conference.” It was informative, fun, and translated into immediate practical tools.”
– Lucinda Porter, RN, author of Free from Hepatitis C, www.LucindaPorterRN.com

“The 2012 Nonfiction Writer’s Conference, hosted by Stephanie Chandler, was an outstanding three-day event! Each presenter revealed an incredible amount of the latest information pertinent to nonfiction writers and authors. I now have a notebook filled with their professional handouts and a stack of notes I’m also using day by day. In addition, I received downloaded recordings of each presentation, to review at my leisure. What’s more, I’m using this information to move forward with my website — yes, it’s now in development — to attract just the right publisher for my manuscript. Thank you so much, Stephanie, and all those who made the NFWC such a success!”
– Mandy Berlin, author Death Is Not ‘The End’: One Agnostic’s Journey On the Bumpy Road to Belief, http://mandymax.blogspot.com

THE BEST money I’ve spent on my book and writing EVER. (I talk about it here.)”
– Christine Stump, DIYoga and Yoga Basically come out as ebooks later this summer on YogaGuide.wordpress.com

“The Nonfiction Writers’ Conference presented an incredible amount of information by experienced writers, publishers and agents. I was overwhelmed by the amount of in-depth information presented and will be listening to the recordings again and again. Even with that said, I came away with several new ideas and action steps that I could take immediately to begin building my platform, focusing my content and reaching more people.Thank you, Stephanie for taking the time and effort to organize such an inspiring and informative event.”
– Sandy Dempsey, http://thedreamingcafe.com

“I was overwhelmingly impressed by the information given during the Non-fiction Writer’s Conference. I feel as if I’ve learned all of the insider’s secrets to the trade. Every speaker was easily accessible and very willing and eager to answer questions. I would highly recommend this conference to anyone…whether you are a new writer or if you’ve been in the business for a while and are seeking a refresher course.”
– Jennifer Tardy, MBA/PHR, Your Healthy Relationship Activist, www.jennifertardy.com, twitter: @jtardy26, Author of His Ingredient Label: A Woman’s Guide to Recognizing a Junk Food Man

The conference is one of the best things I’ve done. Ever. I plan to use the processes and info to make a big difference in a high integrity way.”
– Allen Fahden, author Innovation on Demand, www.strongsuit.org

“This educational conference covered almost everything in three days. The flexibility of listening now and to the recorded shows later makes sure attendees can maximize the information provided by experts. Stephanie did a wonderful job starting and finishing each session on time, which allowed me to do my “day job” at the same time. Having that much access to industry leaders was worth more than the price charged.
– Bob Quinlan, Author of Earn It: Empower Yourself for Love, www.earnitbook.com

“A very comprehensive conference that covered the topics that any non-fiction writer should understand.”
– John Fielden, Author of Roll Sound! A Practical Guide for Location Audio, http://rollsoundbook.com

“Congratulations Stephanie on the success of the 2010 Non fiction Writers Conference. Each of the speakers you managed to bring together was awesome. There was so much information and knowledge jammed into each presentation– it was terrific. Your only challenge is how to improve upon it next year.”
– Andrew Rogerson, Author of Successfully Sell Your Business and three other titles, www.Andrew-Rogerson.com

“Stephanie Chandler’s conference is a virtual whirlwind of information targeted to both experienced writers as well as those preparing to launch. She has brought together dynamic speakers who showcase their respective specialties and share their insights, strategies and observations on the latest trends in the information age. Prepare to be wowed!
–  Jeanette LeBlanc, Ph.D.

“Herding cats – that’s the expression that comes to mind when I think of many conferences I’ve attended in forty years. Those conferences were in real time at a set location, so I felt a little queasy about doing a virtual conference. “Excellence is in the details. Give attention to the details and excellence will come.”* That’s the way Stephanie Chandler achieved a smashing success with her first Nonfiction Writers Conference last week. The speakers were clearly experts in their fields offering an incredible array of hands-on information. The sessions were on time. The directions were clear and they worked. And even when Dan Poynter, the keynote speaker, was unable to participate from South Africa where the Internet was down, Stephanie graciously and calmly directed the discussion to something interesting and important. Bravo Stephanie!”
– Sherie Labedis, Writer, Speaker, Teacher, www.SherrieLabedis.com

I am so impressed with the quality of the speakers, the content, the depth of info, and the resources they are sharing  – hearty congrats on this fabulous offering – it absolutely rocks!”
– Pattie Simone, Business Success Activist, Speaker, Writer, Consultant