Your blog is the heart of your social media strategy.25+ Ideas for What to Share to Keep Visitors Coming to Your Blog Without a blog, you will have limited content to share and you won’t have a reason to drive traffic back to your site. And by adding new posts to your blog three or more times per week, you will have a steady stream of fresh content to share via social media.

What is sometimes difficult for authors to determine is just what content to post to engage visitors. Here is a list of ideas to get you started:

  • New blog posts
  • Personal greetings, stories and anything else you’d like to say to your audience
  • Industry news
  • Blog posts by peers
  • Quick tips
  • Upcoming event announcements
  • New book releases
  • Links to books you recommend
  • Special offers
  • Surveys
  • Contests
  • Links to articles or interviews where you are featured
  • Videos you have created
  • Videos others have created
  • Engaging photos
  • Photo memes (photo with quote overlay)
  • Tagged photos with clients/readers
  • Upcoming speaking engagements
  • Infographics
  • Links to presentations on
  • Compelling questions for your audience to answer
  • Testimonials from readers
  • Good news related to your industry
  • Funny comics/quotes
  • Ask for a vote (example: which book cover do you prefer? A or B? (people love giving their opinions!)
  • Link to a survey you’ve created
  • Links to connect on your other social media networks (cross-promote)

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