25 Reasons to Write a Book NowAuthoring a book is a goal for many, though few will actually see this goal through. If you’ve been thinking about writing a book, here are some reasons why it’s time to finally focus on achieving this important goal.

1. Life is much too short. Don’t wait until the kids are older or you have more time or until you retire. You may miss your chance.
2. Your book is an outlet to tell your story your way.
3. A book is an amazing legacy.
4. Pursuing a life-long goal sets a great example for your family, friends and peers.
5. Authors support each other. Once your book is complete, leverage it to join the author community and connect with other authors in your field.
6. Books have the ability to make an impact on the world by helping readers see things differently or learn about new perspectives.
7. Being an author makes you an instant authority in your field which can produce a whole host of opportunities.
8. You can build an entire business around a book as a coach, consultant, educator or speaker.
9. Books impress clients. Imagine handing a copy of your book to your next prospect.
10. A book makes a great give-away at business events.
11. A book can get you in with hard-to-reach contacts. Mail a copy to that executive you’ve wanted to meet and watch what happens.
12. Authors are media magnets. Print, radio and television pros all love to interview authors.
13. If you want to be a professional speaker, a book will help you get speaking engagements.
14. The ebook version of your book allows you to reach a whole new market of readers.
15. Ebooks cost very little to distribute and can be given away for promotional purposes.
16. Books can be sold at the back of the room at speaking engagements.
17. Toss out the mugs and squishy balls and give away your book at the next trade show event you attend. Talk about memorable!
18. Excerpts from your book can be published on your blog.
19. You can also blog your book, by writing on your blog until you’ve achieved a full manuscript.
20. Excerpts from your book can be syndicated to print and online publications.
21. Authors can earn additional income from corporate sponsorships, paid blogging, and freelance writing.
22. A book gives you plenty to talk about on social media!
23. Authors can often justify increasing service fees due to the increased credibility that comes with a book.
24. Your kid(s) will think it’s really cool!
25. Having your book published can be one of the most rewarding life accomplishments.

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