1. An idea that4 Keys to Getting the Best Editor, Publisher, and Deal for Your Book

* Has been proven by successful books like it

* Will benefit from a long-term trend

* Is promotable to the trade, the media, and book buyers

* Has subsidiary-rights potential

* Has adoption potential for schools

* Has bulk-sales potential

* Will generate reviews

* Is the first book in a series

* Will add to the house’s prestige

* Will win awards

* Will attract other authors to the house

* Has reading-group potential

2. A proposal that

* Generates as much excitement as you can in as few words as possible

* Is as enjoyable to read as it is informative because of its dramatic, humorous, and/or inspirational impact

* Provides all of the information editors need

* Has the backing of a passionate, experienced, influential editor

* Excites everyone in the house whose support is needed to buy the book

* Is written so well the manuscript will require little editing

* Has enough sample chapters to prove you can write the book

* Shows you know the markets for the book

* Proves you know the competition

3. A platform that

* Uses numbers to show you have test-marketed your book in as many ways as you can to prove it works

* Includes impressive numbers for your blog and presence in social media

* Proves your credibility

* Shows your connections and contributions to the events, organizations, media, and influencers both in your field and those of potential book buyers

* Shows you have the other communities you need

* Proves you can use the tools needed to reach book buyers

* Includes a large email list

4. A promotion plan that

* Assures the success of your book

* Is a bulleted list, in descending order of impact, of how you will use your platform to sell books

* Proves that you know how to help launch your book and sustain sales

* Has written commitments from businesses and/or nonprofits to buy and promote the book

* Includes commitments for a foreword and cover quotes from people whose credibility and/or celebrity will help sell the book

* Is a believable extension of your platform

* Exaggerates nothing but is as long and strong as you can make it


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