4 Ways to Fix Your Book Marketing Copy Youtube VideoCasey Demchak

For most of my life I was never good at fixing things. If something broke, I’d just chuck it and buy something new.

Then YouTube came along and I discovered there are a billion videos that teach you how to fix things. That began a new era in my life where I now do more fixing and less chucking.

Well, today I’ve got a YouTube video for you that teaches you how to fix your book marketing copy – so you don’t have to flush it down the recycle bin and start over.

I was inspired to make this video by the many authors who’ve contacted me over the years and said something like:

“Casey, I tried writing my own book marketing copy and it absolutely stinks. I need you to overhaul it.”

To be honest, there have been times when I agreed with an author’s self-assessment that their book marketing copy needed a total reboot.

But there have been dozens of times when I’ve told authors that their marketing copy wasn’t a lost cause… it just needed to be fixed.

There is a long list of editing tools I use to fix broken book marketing copy.

This week’s video focuses on four tools that I tend to use the most. Find out how to use them, and you’ll have a much easier time fixing your book marketing content… so you don’t have to chuck it.


Until next time, take a lot of action… and make things happen.


Casey Demchak is an award-winning copywriter and a recognized expert at writing persuasive marketing materials for dozens of authors who have achieved Amazon bestseller and international bestseller status. He is also a copywriter for Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula team. You can download Casey’s e-book, 7 Must-Know Copywriting Secrets that Sell More Books at https://www.caseydemchak.com/secrets/.

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