5 Lessons Learned from Big Book Launches Youtube Video

Have you ever wished you could be a fly on the wall so you can see how bestseller book launches are planned and executed?Casey Demchak

Well, I’ve been lucky enough to be involved in dozens of bestseller book launches and I can tell you with certainty that success leaves clues.

In this week’s book marketing copy training video… I’m sharing five huge lessons I’ve learned from participating in so many successful book launches and long-term promotion campaigns.

Apply the insights I share with you to your book marketing promotions… and I think you’ll achieve greater success in 2022… and beyond.


Until next time, take a lot of action and make things happen.


Author Bio:

Casey Demchak is an award-winning copywriter and a recognized expert at writing persuasive marketing materials for dozens of authors who have achieved Amazon bestseller and international bestseller status. He is also a copywriter for Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula team. You can download Casey’s e-book, 7 Must-Know Copywriting Secrets that Sell More Books at https://www.caseydemchak.com/secrets/.