Tips for Social Media Marketing for Nonfiction WritingAlthough we are living in the era of information and technology the importance of books and write ups have not completed deteriorated. We still do not see the books becoming obsolete or being replaced by any other faster and more interesting technology.

Those who love books and crave for getting their hands on such valuable possessions cannot forgo books for any other alternative form of reading. They can spend long hours indulging themselves in various topics and subjects highlighted by seasoned writers from all across the globe.

Fiction vs nonfiction: The most common and widely categorized forms of writers and books include fiction and nonfiction. Both have equal number of readers and fan following all over the world. But mostly nonfiction category of books are liked by grownups and individuals who are interested in reading about things of real world and various current affair subjects.

In non-fiction category of books the writer ensures accuracy and truthfulness of the facts and events discussed. The format may be of a story but that too is based on real life events.

Promotion and marketing is necessary: Promotion of such kinds of books before and after publication is quite critical. Most of the burden lies with the author. He or she is the primary promotor of the book. This may not be the case with popular writers but for newbies and amateurs, it is a must to adopt the role of a promotor.

For any successful best seller, it is important to publicize and market your book before and after publication. You need to select effective ways of marketing and promotion to achieve this goal.

Social media is most effective marketing tools these days: Although there are a number of ways to market your writings, social media and internet is the most popular ways these days. Like every other industry, the publication and books industry can also benefit from social media marketing. It is a very effective marketing tool for both individuals as well as corporations. It is also cheaper and has a larger outreach as compared to traditional methods of marketing.

Many people believe that marketing your nonfiction writings through social media can be difficult. They have the notion that nonfiction is a dull and less interesting content and cannot be promoted through this fast and glamorous medium of communication. However, this notion is not correct. There are several ways of marketing your nonfiction writings and books on the social media.

Below are 5 tips to market your nonfiction writings or books through the social media:

  1. Use visuals and add images:

Social media and internet is all about visuals and imagery. The more attractive content you are able to provide the viewer, the more the chances of making your offer more responsive. Good interesting pictures catch the eyes of those scrolling down the screens of their smart phones and tablets on their social media accounts. Any image or picture that they might find attractive and interesting is bound to stop them and have a look.

Studies and survey also support the fact that marketing today is more effective with visual content. Being nonfiction you need not be worried about pictures. You can post pictures of the book covers, the writers and other events associated with book signing and launching.

  1. Make some interesting headlines:

Social media is all about headlines and news feed. Anything that is unable to convey its message in a line goes down the trash. It is therefore highly important to create effective and attractive highlights of your nonfiction content that might interest the viewer. Come up with emotional and attractive tag lines but make sure they are small and precise. Do not over stretch the thought you are trying to convey as users on social media lose interest very fast. So use focused yet attractive headings and lines for giving a brief introduction or abstract of your nonfiction writing.

  1. Target market:

Like all other products in the business world, books and nonfiction writings are also drafted keeping in mind a certain audience and readership. For marketing your writings on the social media, you need to keep into consideration these target markets.

Social media helps categorize audience and viewers based on interests, activities, age groups, gender and social events. This helps the writers to pinpoint the audience and market their writings to those who are potential readers to the content. So, it is advisable that writers use social media tools wisely and promote their writings using them effectively.

  1. The immense popularity of hashtags:

Everyone is using them so why not writers. It is the best way to promote your nonfiction writing and make them visible to the social media viewers. Adding keyword hashtags help to ensure that your writings are searchable on the social media websites. It also increases the outreach of the writings by allowing cross platform sharing and searching capabilities.

  1. Continuous effort is essential:

Persistence is one of the key factors required on social media. If something does not catch the eye once, try try again. The idea is to make several attempts before going down towards giving up. You need to persistently follow a marketing campaign and make your writings popular through various promotional tricks and techniques.

Post your articles and book reviews again and again. Several times in a month or week is required for getting highest response rate. If it was not liked by many in the first instance, try again. The key is to catch the attention of the viewer and get it likes and shares to the maximum.

These were few tips that writers of nonfiction books and contents need to keep in mind while promoting and marketing their creations on the social media websites.

The writing phenomenon has transformed considerably after this social media revolution. However, writers should not remain in isolation from this technology. Instead they should use it effectively for the promotion and marketing of their writings and make them more successful among the readers. So, try out these tips in your next writing ventures.

Shelly PaulAuthor Bio: This article has been written by Shelly Paul. She is a blogger and has been writing on a number of topics related to social media and internet. She currently works for a dissertation proposal help service where she helps students make the most of their study time.