50 Reasons to Contact the Media or Send a Press ReleaseHow to Get Media Attention

Reporters, editors, and producers for print publications, television, and radio are all seeking compelling stories to share with their audience. They need us as much as we need them! The trick is to pitch them an idea that they will deem newsworthy.

50 Reasons to Contact the Media or Send a Press Release

1. Comment on industry trend
2. Holiday tie-in
3. Piggyback on breaking news
4. Industry statistics
5. Contest launch
6. Contest results
7. A contest you’ve won
8. Announce a new product or service
9. Innovative use for your product/service
10. Off-the-wall promotion
11. Special event
12. Comment on news story
13. Charitable contribution
14. Fundraiser you’re hosting
15. Fundraiser you’re sponsoring
16. Demonstration with broad appeal (e.g. cooking, organizing)
17. Award received
18. Free samples/giveaways
19. Free demonstrations
20. Free classes/events
21. Company anniversary
22. Industry predictions
23. Survey/research launch
24. Survey/research results
25. Alliance/joint venture with another company
26. Tips roundup
27. Release a new whitepaper or special report
28. Announce new patent
29. Community involvement
30. Partnership with a celebrity
31. Open house
32. Company executive to appear at event
33. Incorporation change or IPO
34. New employees or officers
35. Change or launch of board of directors
36. Financial reports
37. Grants you’re giving or receiving
38. Scholarships you’re giving
39. Sponsorships (e.g. local sports team or Super Bowl)
40. Media coverage received
41. Participation in local events
42. Business expansion
43. Classes or workshops
44. Mergers and acquisitions
45. Take a position on a political issue
46. New location/facilities
47. Authored a book
48. Mentioned in a book
49. Appointment to a board or committee
50. Changes to policies/procedures

Brainstorm a List of Newsworthy Media Pitches

Write out a list of potential media pitches.

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