50 Ways to Get Media Attention for Your Book During the PandemicRecently, many authors have been questioning whether to launch a book during the Covid-19 pandemic, and others feel there is little they can do to promote their current books. It’s an understandable dilemma, especially since you won’t likely be able to host a book signing event in 2020 or speak at any large events because they simply aren’t happening.

To make matters even more challenging, the media is currently focused on two primary topics: the pandemic and the election. So, if you want to attract media attention, your best bet is to tie your topic into what is most timely.

There are all kinds of ways to extract topics from your book—even topics that are only loosely related to your book—and pitch the media. All you need is a timely hook to make yourself a relevant source for potential interviews for television and radio appearances (which can now be streamed from home!), and for print publications. Whether or not your pitch relates to your book, when you land a media appearance your book will be mentioned as part of your bio, so most coverage can be considered a win.

Here are some examples of how to position a timely pitch:

  • A business book author could share tips on business growth during the pandemic.
  • A health book author could cover ways to boost immunity.
  • A memoir author whose book details a romantic relationship could pitch ways to keep romance alive during a pandemic.

You can also lean on your credentials. Here are some examples:

  • A therapist could offer ways to manage mental health while in isolation.
  • A consultant could share ideas for starting a business or side hustle, which is especially valuable considering the current unemployment rates.
  • A physician could cover reasons to seek medical help, since many are avoiding preventative care.

Following are other potential tie-ins you could work into your media pitch.

  1. Work-at-home tips
  2. Activities for kids
  3. How to find support for online learning
  4. At-home exercise tips
  5. Stress-busters
  6. Romance boosters
  7. Ways to connect with family and friends online
  8. How to support vulnerable members of your community
  9. How to care for elderly family members
  10. Advice on business leadership
  11. Business growth strategies
  12. Side hustle ideas
  13. Job search tips
  14. Interview strategies
  15. Home hair care helpers
  16. Immunity boosting strategies
  17. At-home hobbies
  18. Family bonding ideas
  19. Ways to get organized
  20. Productivity boosters
  21. Mental health management
  22. Weight loss (always a popular topic!)
  23. Future predictions
  24. Money-saving ideas
  25. Conflict management
  26. DIY home decorating
  27. Online shopping tips
  28. Online shopping deals
  29. Quick meal ideas
  30. Kid-friendly snacks
  31. Your Covid-19 survival story
  32. Recommended reads
  33. Games families can play with each other on Zoom
  34. Business start-up advice
  35. Resilience tips
  36. Online dating
  37. Home improvement helpers
  38. Gardening tips
  39. Healthy family activities
  40. Coping strategies
  41. How to be an activist
  42. Local day trips
  43. Review of hiking trails
  44. Financial planning advice
  45. How to buy or sell a home
  46. DIY home decorating
  47. Socially-distanced wedding planning
  48. Birthday celebration ideas for kids
  49. Any self-development topic
  50. Ways to build healthy habits

What other tie-ins can you come up with to attract media attention?

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