We have some good news (yay, GOOD NEWS!) to share with authors: There is NO better time to be a writer.Roseanne Cheng

We aren’t just saying that! People are reading now more than ever. Between the ease of purchasing books, all the multiple formats we are consuming our books on, and all the ways in which writers are able to personally connect with their audiences, reading in general is on the rise.

And that means that if you have a book, NOW is the time to publish it.

Maybe you’ve already done that… and it’s not selling. That’s where we come in!

Like it or not, Amazon is the king of booksellers. However, Amazon does NOT replace your local bookstore. Amazon doesn’t offer you a delicious cup of coffee, signing events, or a place to pick up a book and feel it in your hands before you purchase.

What Amazon is, more than anything else, is a search engine. Think of it like Google for readers.

This is what many authors don’t understand. They think, “My book is on Amazon– can’t people find it there?”

The answer is… probably not.

When people are on Amazon looking for books, they are likely not typing your name or the title of your book into the search bar. They are simply using Amazon for its search functionality. For example, “Self help books for teens”, or “How-to books for building birdhouses”.

The trick is to make sure that when people do that, YOUR book is the first to pop up when audiences “google” your genre or content on Amazon.

At Evergreen Authors, we believe that understanding how to use Amazon effectively is the key to a successful career as an author. We have seen so many authors burn out with social media, waste time and money on fancy publicists or ad campaigns, and ignore the stress-free opportunity they have on Amazon to reach audiences who are already looking for their books.

In our 7 Important Things You Need to Know About Selling Your Book On Amazon presentation (which you can watch for FREE at the link), we talk about all the ways in which authors can be optimizing their presence on Amazon and creating a passive stream of income reaching readers who are already looking for their books.

So many authors shy away from publishing their work because they are nervous about marketing it. Amazon makes marketing easy– you just need to know how to use it! Jump right in to understanding how to make Amazon work for you, and take advantage of this fantastic time to be a writer!

Author Bio:

Roseanne Cheng is the former Marketing Director at Wise Ink Creative Publishing and the author of four books, including Buzz: The Ultimate Guide to Book Marketing. She is the co-founder of Evergreen Authors, an online school teaching authors the business of being a writer