7 Online Marketing Recommendations for Self-Published Authors

7 Online Marketing Recommendations for Self-Published Authors

Nowadays, the social media and the existence of internet all over the world has made marketing easier for every kind of advertisers. However, some marketers such as authors are faced with diverse challenges when it comes to selling their books. As a matter of fact, some authors take so long to establish themselves around the globe while most of them are unable to make sales beyond their geographic regions. Here are some recommendations that these self-published authors should keep into consideration when marketing their books:

  1. Creating a winning and unique brand

Before the release of any writing work, the author should make sure that his book satisfies his audience by editing it to what the target wants to read. The book should fulfil the desire of the readers by writing a unique book that makes the audience satisfied and happy after reading it. By satisfying the audience, the book publicizes itself as the online readers tends to share that good writing through the social media. The readers need to be motivated and get inspired.

  1. Choosing the best online marketing site/channels

The marketing channel is an important tool in garnering a large base by which your book gets read. Some channels, when used for marketing are more like putting your book in your shelf where no one will read except yourself. For these sites it is inappropriate for authors to market their books. However, some other sites are so effective in promoting your book. Such sites are;

  • Frequently visited by viewers
  • Have a large number of viewers
  • Attract new viewers’ day in day out.

These can be the best online marketing channels.

  1. Collaborate with other authors

In marketing, it is necessary to build a strong relationship with other entities whom you have a common ground. Authors should do collaborate with other authors in their bid to market their individual books. Infact, ‘collabos’ always are effective means to win a large crowd of readers thereby proving it efficient strategy in marketing.

  1. Join with existing and active online readers’ groups

Not all readers find it easy to browse for their individual best authors’ books every time they wish to read. In fact, there is more satisfaction to the readers, when different authors compile their books into a single pack. This is because readers always have an easy time to access books and materials even from other authors they may wish to read from.

  1. The #Hashtag

The hashtags has proven to be an effective means of reaching a large population within a very short time. For instance, an author may create the hashtag of his book such as #Theenemyofthepeople. This makes the author of the book ‘An Enemy of the people’ unique and his book is likely have the most reads in a short span of time. Therefore, having a hash tag for your book may effectively aid in marketing a self-published author.

  1. Be ready to spend

Expenditure in marketing is common. Self-published authors should therefore choose the best marketing sites or tools despite the cost they may incur during the marketing period. To ensure a wide coverage, use of many marketing sites/tools requires heavy capital investment. Therefore, success in marketing all depend on the kind of capital investment for a self-published author.

  1. Explore other authors’ techniques

Online marketing, just like any other kind of marketing needs strategic planning. Techniques are never enough when it comes to making an extra catch. As a self-published author, you should seek to always adopt and adapt to new strategies especially by adopting what other successful authors did. This will at a higher percentage help you in marketing your books.

Unlike in the years before the invention of internet and social media, nowadays it has been easy to hit the world with information within minutes. Thus online systems have turned out to be most effective when it comes to marketing. So, for self-published authors, online marketing through strategic plan will always be effective for them to advertise their books.

Author Bio: Kenneth Waldman is a professional content writer with over 5 years of experience and also a Designer at AskPetersen Essay Writing Services Reviews (read the latest GradeMiners Review).

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