Essential Tasks to Tackle Before Your Nonfiction Book is PublishedWhen your book is nearing the finish line, there are some important steps you can take to help make it the best it can be.

Offer Bonus Content – When your book is released and sold through retailers, you will have no way to track sales or communicate with your buyers. Therefore, it can be powerful to offer readers one or more bonus downloads. This could include worksheets, charts, templates, or a bonus chapter that wasn’t included in the book.

To proceed, set up a registration page on your website where readers will input their name and email address in exchange for gaining access to the bonus materials. Include the link to the registration page in your book at least three times: once at the beginning, once in the middle, and once at the end. This creates a win-win situation because readers appreciate bonus materials, and you will be able to stay connected with them.

Leverage Those Blank Pages – When your book interior is typeset, it will inevitably end up with several blank pages. This happens due to chapters starting on the right. And while there is nothing wrong with leaving those pages blank, why not take advantage of this free real estate? Provide your typesetter with what I call “blank page fillers.” This can include a quote, chart, links to resources on your website, quick tips, or anything else your reader would find interesting or valuable.

Ask for Endorsements – After your manuscript is complete and edited, it’s time to reach out to fellow authors and influencers in your field to ask for endorsements. This is a common practice, and most authors expect to be asked. Send an email with a simple request:

Hi <name>,

Are you open to providing a book endorsement? My book, <title>, will be out in <timeframe> and I would be grateful if you would consider providing a brief testimonial.

I have greatly enjoyed your work and hope to inspire you with mine. You can download a copy of the manuscript here: <link to manuscript in Bookfunnel, Dropbox, etc.>.

How can I support you in return?

Thank you kindly for your consideration.

<Your name>

Yes, you can keep your request this simple! This is how experienced authors handle this kind of outreach. With this said, if you have a large platform (10k + followers/subscribers), or your book is being handled by a traditional press, it’s worth mentioning these details. Otherwise, leave those details out.

Write Captivating Jacket Copy – The book description on your back cover, as well as the one you share on Amazon and other online retailers, is extremely important. It helps readers decide to buy your book—or not.

For narrative nonfiction, the copy should demonstrate your storytelling skills. For prescriptive nonfiction, it should detail benefits for the reader. Be sure to look at some of your favorite books in your genre for ideas. If you need assistance, you may want to hire an experienced copywriter to help.

Prepare Your Website – Create a book page on your website and include all relevant details including:

  • Book description
  • Cover image
  • Author bio and photo
  • Editorial reviews, awards won, or other praise received.
  • Links to buy the book on Amazon,,, and any other sources you would like to include.
  • If you plan to sell and ship copies on your own, you will also need to set up ecommerce on your site. Paypal, WooCommerce, or Shopify can make this an easy process.

Complete the Tribe of Influence Exercise – Whenever I launch one of my own books, I dedicate an afternoon to identify who I want to connect with and ask for assistance with any of the following:

  • Book me to be a guest on their podcast.
  • Purchase copies in bulk.
  • Invite me to speak at an event.
  • Interview me for any kind of media outlet.
  • Recommend my book on social media or in a newsletter.
  • Publish an excerpt from my book on a blog, newsletter, or magazine.
  • Introduce me to someone who can create any of the above opportunities.
  • Write a review on Amazon.

Think about who you know and make your own Tribe of Influence list. Your list can include fellow authors, peers, coworkers from past and present, friends, family members, neighbors from years ago, business contacts, etc. You might be surprised by how much the people you know want to support you.

Create a similar list of influencers in your field who you would like to connect with. This includes podcasters, bloggers, social media influencers, and authors you admire. These folks should receive a review copy in the mail and a personal follow up email from you.

Plan a Thoughtful Launch Strategy – Please don’t wait until the week your book launches to plan your promotion activities. A book launch should include outreach to the people on your Tribe of Influence lists, email announcements to your subscribers, sharing on social media, and many other tactics. You will greatly increase your chances for success by planning ahead.

Hire Help – I cannot emphasize enough how beneficial it can be to hire a virtual assistant to help with book marketing tasks. A virtual assistant is a freelance contractor who provides administrative services on an hourly basis. You can hire help for as few as five hours per month, or depending on your budget, five or more hours per week. The rates for these fantastic service providers can range from $15/hour to $75+ per hour, depending on experience. Most importantly, seek an assistant who has experience working with authors and book promotion. You can find resources on our site.

Wishing you great success with your book!


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