8 Ideas for Adding Additional Content to Your BlogWhenever I discuss the benefits of blogging, inevitably I hear grumbles and groans from the audience. It seems that many people resist blogging due to the fear that it will take a lot of time. While it’s true that blogging can be time consuming, there are ways to make it easier.

I have been blogging for many years now, and it’s truly one of my favorite things that I do each week. There was also a time when I would occasionally get stricken with “blogger’s block” (the equivalent of writer’s block). So here are some ways you can add more content to your blog and save a little time—and without always having to be the sole author.

Invite guest blog contributors. These can be friends, peers, or people you don’t know. Put out a call for submissions and add submission guidelines to your site to attract content on a regular basis. As an added bonus, guest contributors should also share a link to their work with their networks, bringing your site more traffic as a result.

Compile round-up posts. Ask a question and compile the responses into one long post—or a series of posts. You can conduct this effort via social media or submit your request via http://helpareporter.com.

Share a link to an interesting article. Blog posts don’t always need to be long. You can post a quick paragraph with your thoughts on an article or industry news and include a link to the article so your readers can see it too. Remember, when you host a blog the goal should be to provide valuable information for your readers—whether that’s information you create or it comes from other sources.

Compile an index of previous posts. If you’ve amassed a series of blog posts about a specific topic, put them all into one easy list for readers to discover. A friend of mine did this recently and reported a big boost in traffic as a result.

Hold a comment contest. Ask site visitors to post a comment with an answer to a trivia question or explaining how they do something. Give away a free ebook, audio recording series or other prize and enjoy the amount of buzz you can generate as a result.

Compile industry news. Become a valuable source for your readers by compiling a list of industry news stories. You might do this once each week or once a month. Whatever the interval, providing links to interesting industry information can be a great asset for your readers, and another way to build your brand as an authority in your field.

Conduct interviews. One of my favorite features that I added on BusinessInfoGuide.com is our column featuring interviews with entrepreneurs and authors. There is a simple contact form that users can fill out and if the content is right for the site, we will feature the interview on the home page—and forever in our archives. This creates a win-win situation for all involved. The featured interviewee gets additional exposure from our site and social media, while we provide interesting content for our readers and ensure we’re adding content to the site on a regular basis.

Hire some help. If the above suggestions still sound like a lot of work for you, then consider hiring someone to help. Hiring a blog content manager was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I still write all of my own content—and always will—but my content manager helps with round-ups, guest blog posts and other tasks that I no longer have to manage. This frees me up to focus on what I love to do and ensures that we consistently publish great content. A virtual assistant or an intern can make it all much easier in the long run. You can also hire a ghostwriter to help with content generation.

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