What makes a successful author?  Finding new and inventive ways to reach their target audience.Bookies A Delicious Way to Get Your Book Seen It’s always a struggle to stand out from the crowd as a nonfiction author.  Now, there is a different and inventive way to bring visibility to your brand and your book. They’re called Bookies. What are Bookies? They were invented by Lindy’s Traveling Treats as a way for her local author clients to grab attention at book signings, as gifts for readers, and as giveaways in contests.  She creates your book cover on a delicious sugar cookie. She calls them Bookies. Lindy is an avid reader and wanted to find a way to help authors stand out, so she came up with this beautiful idea.

Lindy’s Traveling Treats offers to create and send you a version of your book cover that’s entirely edible and becomes a great marketing tool for any event an author has. She came across this idea when helping a local author, Elaine Ambrose, create delicious treats for an event launching her children’s book, The Magic Potato: Story Book in English and Spanish.  Elaine wrote, “These cookies were a hit! Not only did they capture the cover of the book, they were delicious!”

Since then she’s made Bookies for fiction and nonfiction authors everywhere.

One author, Heather Lee Dyer, just launched her first nonfiction book, Creativity over Perfection: The World Needs your Book, and used Bookies as a gift for buying a signed copy, “These cookies are amazing next to my books!”

She even has bookmark cookies that look just like a bookmark. Why use old school bookmarks when these innovative treats create a deliciously different experience for your reader.

Her prices range from $42 to $48 per dozen, and she requires at least two weeks notice, if not longer. The best way to reach her is through email.

If you’re looking for a delicious and different way to market your book, consider Bookies or bookmark cookies for your next event or giveaway!

Details to reach Lindy’s Traveling Treats:

Email: lindystreats@gmail.com

Instagram: @lindystravelingtreats

Website: www.lindystravelingtreats.com

Author Bio:

Renee Settle is the National Chapter Director of the Nonfiction Authors Association.  She is also a ghostwriter, speaker, and publishing consultant under her own brand Wild Wisdom Publishing Services. She believes your story matters, and together, our stories will change the world. You can find her at www.reneesettle.com, on Facebook: @truthtranslated and Instagram: @realreneesettle.

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