Adding Photos and Videos to Your Book Marketing WebsiteEach photo or video that you add to your site not only adds appeal for the site visitor, but it can assist in your SEO strategy. Images have “alt tags;” a place where you can include a description of the image for the visually impaired or for visitors who are unable to view images online (some corporations and government entities control their employees’ internet access by blocking images from appearing online). Since the search engines don’t yet have the capability of interpreting photo images and video the way that they understand text, they look for the alt image tags and descriptions. Take advantage of the added SEO benefit and make sure that every image and video on your site includes an alt image tag with a keyword-rich title.

Also, including a caption below the photo is yet another opportunity to add a description. Studies also show that site visitors are drawn to reading captions placed below to photos. For some reason our eyes are drawn there, and this is an opportunity to draw attention to a key message that you want to convey for that page.

Lastly, the actual file name for each image provides yet another opportunity to improve keyword concentration. For example, instead of inserting an image simply named photo.jpg, rename the image to something like corporate-leadership-book-joe-author.jpg.

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