Advertise your book on a low budgetAdvertising your book seems to be a great deal when you are low on marketing budget but no need to worry anymore as, it can be done for free with technology.


There are a great many blogs which are completely based on books and a few of them are supposed to promote books similar to the ones you write. Apart from some, all blogs accept guest posts if they meet up their writing standards with regards to grammar, vocabulary, relevance and interesting matter.

There can be no better platform than guest posts to bring your talent into light. You can easily get known for your posts and you book to the audience of the blogger. While you are planning how to publish you book, list down some subjective topics and write very captivating material on them and submit them to the bloggers when you are prepared to launch your book. You should be hundred percent original in your submissions. Plagiarism is a great threat to your writing career. If you have already submitted a post to one website, make sure you never send that same post to another blogger’s website. It will put a damaging impact on your reputation.

It would be extremely beneficial if you will add satire and puns in your posts as it will attract a greater amount of audience.


Twitter is another great tool to promote your book. You can get confused about how to use twitter for this job? How can anyone possibly fit in a perfect advertisement of his book within just 140 characters? For those who find comfort in writing short, like to see as less images as possible and are daring enough to try something new, twitter is a dream coming true. Following are the tips to follow while using twitter for the purpose of getting your book advertised.

  • The name of your twitter account should be identifiable.
  • Fill in the information in the profile with clarity. Anyone reading it should get it in the first time that you are an author and you are proficient in writing in so and so genres and that why one should re visit your profile based on description of yourself.
  • Using the famous hashtags for writers, you should actively take part in live conversations with other writers to increase your knowledge, increase your connections and promote your book.


Facebook can prove to be a very cheap tool to advertise your book. The only trick here is to use Facebook properly. How?

  • Join all Facebook groups that matches the theme of your book. For example, if your book is a comedy novel then, look for groups which are made for readers who love comedy based novels.
  • Be extremely active in those groups so that more people get to know you.
  • Rather than using your own page, make an author Facebook page to promote your book. Here you can develop a relation with your readers by incentivizing them through giveaways, or communicating with them on mutual interests etc.

4. Pinterest

Pinterest is also a type social media website like others, just differing in the way that it is based images only. Following are the ways to use Pinterest to advertise your book.

  • Set your book cover’s photo as your pin photo. Your cover should be very captivating as most of the readers pick the book up for reading which has a cover which speaks to them. They literally judge the book by its cover.
  •   Come with a tagline that will force the pinners to stalk your profile. Either make it full of curiosity or something very thought provoking.
  • Pin images of some parts of your books that will leave the readers restless to get their hands on your book immediately.
  • Everything about your book should be known to your pinners be it the public reading date, or launch date etc.


It is a website where self-published writers can post their book and rate them on the extent of the relevant themes their content has. Based on the ratings and their preferences, the readers will buy the books that best suits their interests.

6. Raffle copter contests

Here you are allowed to conduct a contest based on your book’s contest for free. The winners will be chosen by the site itself and you will have to gift them your book. You have an alternate option as well, to save your money for shipping and book’s cost. You can arrange a skype call with the winner as his or her reward.


  • Firstly, place your book in the list of books in Amazon.
  • Write something about your book, or yourself, or an abstract from your book in the comments section.
  • Take help from friends to promote your book by adding your book in their reading list and writing good comments about it.
  • Mention the name of your book in the following sections in LinkedIn: “professional headlines,” “experience
  • Again, ask your friends to add the name your book in the recommended books section.
  • Share abstracts or chapters from your book on groups and in messages.
  • Create PowerPoint presentations of your book and share it.

8. Instagram
Here is how you can use Instagram for your profession.

  • In your profile, insert the URL link to your website where visitors can read your book.
  • In the bio, write what type of author are you and what is your book about. Tell them why is it a “must-read”?
  • Take a snap of the front cover of your book and share it on Instagram. Make it look really presentable and captivating.
  • Get connected to bloggers who use Instagram.
  • Post attractive pictures on your account. Avoid posting too many pictures of your book. Think of different ways to capture your followers’ attention. You could, for example, post an abstract from your book along with the image of the scene/place where the scene is supposed to be situated.

Using the above methods to promote your book will take time, of course, but, once you reach to your goal, every effort and wait will be worth it.

Author Bio:
Advertise Your Book on a Low Budget Using Technology by Clinton Loomis
This article has been written by Clinton Loomis. He currently works at Coursework Club. He is a Writer and writes on various topics related to inspiration, books, socialization, education and tips to write on different topics.

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