Twitter now offers advertising: or on Twitter and LinkedIn With Twitter, you can currently participate in three different advertising options:

Promoted Tweets

The Promoted Tweets feature will increase visibility for a tweet that you designate, and can be amplified through Twitter search (your promoted tweet will appear in related search results), in the timelines for your followers (ensuring your followers see your tweet), in the timelines for people who are like your followers, but not actually following you. You can also promote tweets to mobile users.

For example, you could create a tweet about your book that looks like this:

New book for authors! The Nonfiction Book Marketing Plan by @bizauthor Bonus downloads when you buy: <link>

For promoted tweets, you will only pay when a user engages with the tweet by replying, clicking, or marking it as a favorite. Because there isn’t yet a lot of competition for ads on Twitter, your bid rate will likely be lower than rates on Google and Facebook. If you want to get exposure for your book on Twitter, give promoted tweets a try. As with other advertising options, you can set a daily budget and cancel your ad at any time.

Promoted Accounts

Twitter’s promoted accounts feature will raise visibility for your Twitter account, helping to attract more followers for your profile. This can be another way to gain followers on Twitter, though the costs can add up so only use this if you have a substantial budget. I prefer to be more proactive in building a Twitter following by going out and following other users on Twitter.

Promoted Trends

This advertising feature on Twitter will place your ad in the top ten trending topics on Twitter. Sounds great, right? Well put your credit card away. This is an advertising level targeted toward large companies, rumor has it that it costs upwards of $100k per DAY to participate.

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn also offers advertising on the site (, though their ads are text based and clicks are pricey. From my own experience with LinkedIn ads, they don’t perform nearly as well as other types of ads. I would only recommend testing this out if your book is business-oriented.

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