Author Brainstorm Exchange Mastermind

First Author Brainstorm Exchange, December 2021

The Author Brainstorm Exchange is a monthly gathering held on Zoom where nonfiction writers meet in small groups to brainstorm ideas, share their experiences, and collaborate with each other. It’s like having your own advisory board with fellow writers who are walking in your shoes and at different stages in the journey.

How the Author Brainstorm Exchange Works:

  • Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month at 9am PT / noon ET and last up to 90 minutes. Use of a web camera is recommended, though not required.
  • Upon joining the Zoom meeting, attendees are routed to private Zoom rooms with up to 8 participants.
  • A volunteer is assigned to keep track of time and help facilitate the meeting.
  • Each participant shares an introduction of up to 90 seconds. Details can include what you write about, titles of books you’ve published, location, your profession, and any other relevant details you would like to share.
  • Following introductions, participants take turns with brainstorming sessions by presenting a publishing-related question or challenge and asking fellow participants to share their advice or experience. Each Brainstorm Spotlight lasts up to 8 minutes. Though all participants are encouraged to present a challenge, this is entirely optional. If you don’t need help with brainstorming, you can use your time to share a tip that has worked for you. (No selling whatsoever, please.)

Participation in the Author Brainstorm Exchange is free and open only to Authority and VIP members of the Nonfiction Authors Association. You must register each month to attend. (Link is found in your member dashboard.)

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Participation Etiquette

  • Plan to arrive on time. Admission to the discussion groups will cease 10 minutes after the event begins.
  • Kindness is essential. If you don’t agree or don’t like something, keep it to yourself. The mission here is to provide helpful feedback and ideas, not to share subjective opinions that could be considered unkind.
  • Try not to dominate the meeting. Please allow everyone an opportunity to share.
  • Avoid selling of any kind. This is not a forum to pitch your services or books or products. This is meant to be collaborative. While you can certainly mention your books and your business, the mission is to exchange ideas and resources—not show up and sell yourself.
  • Have fun! We hope you make great connections and start conversations that you can continue in the NFAA private Facebook group for members—and beyond!

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