Author Name:Cashless by Richard Turrin

Richard Turrin

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“Cashless: China’s Digital Currency Revolution”

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What is your book about?

Cashless is the first and only book that dives deep into the design and use of China’s new central bank digital currency. This represents a roadmap for our shared digital currency future and a long-term threat to US dollar dominance. China is changing the very nature of money and borrowing heavily from cryptocurrency to cement its role as the world’s financial technology leader. Cashless is written by the best-selling author of Innovation Lab Excellence, an award-winning expert in fintech innovation, career banker, and technology expert who has experienced China’s cashless revolution firsthand as a former US resident living in China. It reveals how:
● China’s digital currency can help you better predict and navigate the cashless future coming to the US—and the world
● Your company may be tempted to use China’s digital currency to make cross-border payments
● The EU, UK, Japan and India are developing digital currencies
● Digital payment will change our relationship with money and promote financial inclusion
● Cashless shows you the future. It offers a comprehensive analysis of China’s digital payment systems so that you can better prepare for the rise of digital currencies. It is a must-read for all business leaders and professionals looking for a decided competitive advantage.

What inspired you to write your book?

I live in China and see everyday how US and the West are falling behind in financial technology. Cashless is my way of trying to get people to pay attention to what’s going on.

If you have a business related to your book, tell us about it:

Consulting speaking.

What is a typical day like for you?

Computer morning afternoon and evening with breaks for Mandarin lessons, Yoga class and a cigar

What do you most enjoy about what you do?

Independence and the sense of being relevant as I am now 60!

What are some favorite books you’d recommend to our readers?

AI Superpowers. Kai fu lee.

What advice do you have to offer our readers?

Discipline….and social media.

What’s next for you?

Why book 3 of course.

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