For new authors, there’s a special kind of joy you feel when you finish your manuscript, and then your book is finally published.Author Postpartum: What Happens After the Book Release Frenzy Fizzles You kick off a book launch, engage family, friends, and peers, and feel like you’re on top of the world. Yet after all the fun and initial book sales, the frenzy passes and you’re left wondering what the heck to do next.

It’s a lot like bringing home a new baby. It’s a joyous time in your life. But then the party is over, reality sets in, and you realize that you’re not going to get to sleep in for the next 18 years—and you have a new responsibility that requires daily effort.

The thing about launching a new book is that we often put all of the focus into the launch and forget that book marketing is a marathon, not a race. You have to commit to ongoing promotion if you want your book to go the distance.

Also know that few authors have the luxury of promoting their books full time. Even New York Times best selling authors have day jobs! So like the rest of us, you have to make the time. If you can carve out an hour each day and do three to five things to promote your book, you will keep the momentum going.

Here are some quick ideas:

  • Create short videos and post them on YouTube, your website, and social media.
  • Engage daily in social media. Always work on connecting with your audience.
  • Write a new blog post.
  • Comment on a blog post about a topic of interest to your target audience.
  • Reach out to media. Contact a reporter to comment on a story and introduce yourself as a potential source for a follow-up story.
  • Write a press release.
  • Engage in an online group via LinkedIn or Facebook (one that reaches your target audience).
  • Start your own group.
  • Pitch yourself as a speaker to trade associations, groups, and events.
  • Pitch yourself to an internet radio program.
  • Have fun! If you view marketing as work that you resent, guess what kind of results will follow? But if you decide to embrace it and celebrate small victories, you might find that you actually enjoy the work—and the rewards.

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