For ideas on how to build a great author/speaker website, here are some sites to investigate. Note that some speakers use their personal names for their sites while others build their sites around the theme of their business.Author Speaker Website Examples

Patrick Schwerdtfeger, Big Data:

David Newman, Marketing:

Marsha Egan, Productivity and Leadership:

Peter Rosenberger, Empowering Caregivers:

Mark Gungor, Better Marriage:

Dana Manciagli, Job Search:

Michael Port, Small Business Growth:

Barbara Winter, Making a Living Without a Job:

Ramon Ray, Technology:

Gina Carr, Tribe Builder:

Audrey Thomas, Productivity:

Joan Brock, Motivation (memoir about going blind):

Elaine Dumler, Military Families,

Laurens Boel, Inspirational,

Marti MacGibbon, Inspirational Addiction Recovery,

Josh Linkner, Innovation,

Jim Davidson, Resilience,

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