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I can’t express how grateful I am for the NFAA. Whenever I had a question (and there were many) I was able to post it on the NFAA Facebook group and a bunch of people would offer amazing ideas. This support, along with the many resources available on the member website, gave me the confidence to produce a book that I am extremely proud to put my name on. Each month the revenues continue to grow and I am ready to conquer my next project!

All of this happened thanks to the help of publishing professionals I discovered on the NFAA website, and help from the members of the NFAA Facebook group. I also found the bi-annual Nonfiction Writers Conferences were a fountain of information on everything from marketing to book design. Packed with publishing and marketing professionals, I gathered tons of ideas on writing, editing and marketing. I am already starting my next project, an online webinar course, which I heard about during one of the conferences. I highly recommend joining the NFAA community!”
– Colleen Higgins, author of The Cannabis Prescription: How to Use Medical Marijuana to Reduce or Replace Pharmaceutical Medications

“I just wanted to tell you how much I value all that you are doing with NFAA. It is one of the best investments in a membership I have ever made. I have been listening to your webinars and taking copious notes during them. One of my favorites was Revenue Stream for Authors. I am using it as a checklist for the many ways I can promote my book. It helps keep me focused.

Being a first-time author was daunting enough. I didn’t realize how much time and effort it takes to promote a self-published book. NFAA has given me the tools for structuring that process. You (Stephanie) have been a wonderful resource during this time. I would recommend NFAA to both the novice and seasoned author.
– David Petrovay, PhD, author of Life Between Jobs: Out of Work…Not Out of WORTH

For the nonfiction writer, joining NFAA is a must do, especially if you are self-publishing. I can’t imagine trying to do this without the resources it offers. I have just upped my membership to VIP because NFAA is that important to my work. Sign up at whatever level of the tribe that you can afford, and do it today!”
– Marcia Ledford

[NFAA] is a great team to join. So much available help from people who have been there. Life is a journey and if writing is on your list…this is the place to be. Their leader, Stephanie Chandler is a sparkplug of energy and help.”
– Ron St. Hilaire

The Nonfiction Authors Association helped me make my Amazon Best Seller a reality! NFAA had all of the pieces to the puzzle and with Stephanie’s help and use of NFAA resources my book came to life. This is one stop-shopping for non-fiction writers!”
– Rich Turrin, author of Innovation Lab Excellence, RichTurrin.com

As a new author, I can’t say enough good things about the wealth of information I’ve received from NFAA. The worksheets and information on specific topics is simply excellent! Thank you so much for the untold hours of research you’ve spared me as well as helping me know what I didn’t know I needed to know!”
– Marcia Grace “Calm, Creative, Joyful: Lessons in Transforming Your Life,” www.marciagrace.com

“I joined the Nonfiction Authors Assoc. about six months ago and I can’t say enough about how helpful all the info is that I receive weekly on everything I need to know as an author.  I have just finished a second book and the info on finding agents, on self-publishing, and other valuable tips is extremely helpful.”
– Sandra CH Smith, Author of A Cook’s Tour of Epicuria — One Woman’s Adventures

“I’ve been with NFAA since Stephanie started the group and feel that she has worked hard ever since to constantly increase the value she brings to members. As a longtime self-published author, I also believe she is raising the standards of our whole industry by providing real value in educating nonfiction writers about the professional way to go about creating and publishing content. I very much appreciate what she has done and continues to do for us all, and one of the best ways she does it is through the NFAA Annual Conference. She always has the best speakers, and last year when she stepped in for one who couldn’t show up at the last minute (which happens to every conference everywhere and certainly doesn’t reflect on her), I frankly thought it was one of the best sessions of the whole event and hope she won’t wait for an AWOL presenter to do so again.”
– Mary Shafer, Author/Publisher, Word Forge Books, “Metal Detecting For Beginners: 101 Things I Wish I’d Known When I Started” – Detecting101.com

“I’m getting ready for a presentation tomorrow and needed to print some content. I emailed 4 files to this OfficeMax/Office Depot with instructions for 30 sets. They had everything boxed up when I arrived, and the cashier rang up my order: $96.83 (including a Payday candy bar—a reward for finishing ahead of deadline). I gave her my NFAA discount card and told her that my total was about to come down. She entered the discount code and was so shocked by the new total that she double-checked with the supervisor. My final total: $35.53…and there was even a discount on my Payday bar! That was a savings of over $60—unbelievable!”
– Tom McCourt

I absolutely love all the resources the association offers–the downloads, the teleseminar recordings and the amazing discounts. Though I’ve been an author for many years now, I still find all kinds of new tips and ideas through NFAA. It’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my author career!
– Donna Hartley, Author of the Fire Up Your Life series, DonnaHartley.com

“After an earlier career as a comedy writer (I wrote for “the Monkees” and “Love American Style”) I have become excited about non fiction writing on some new breakthroughs I’ve discovered in my second career of Conflict Resolution. I am grateful to NFAA for the tremendous support and guidance I have received in making this transition. NFAA is a great organization!
– David Evans, Website up March 1, www.HelpUshealAmerica.com

“I consider it a privilege to be a member of the Nonfiction Authors Association. The resources that are available to new and established authors are outstanding.  The Nonfiction Writers Conference is always jam packed with great sessions and this year I was invited by one of the panel agents to submit a book proposal during Pitch the Literary Agents!  As an up and coming author I find great value in the monthly teleseminars as well. I would encourage anyone who desires to become an established nonfiction author to join the Nonfiction Authors Association–you’ll be glad you did!
– Akua Carmichael, Author of My Lifeprint

NFAA helped me launch my first book into the world successfully. The templates and information on the web site are things I could not find anywhere else. I cannot wait to attend my first conference.”
– Alison Buehler, Author of Rethinking Women’s Health

“I am an avid fan of the Office Depot Discount from my NFAA membership. Last year, I had a special project I had been working on that involved a 300 page, three-hole punched, document and I needed 20 copies printed and put together. We went to our local Office Depot and instead of costing over $738, it cost us only $274. I was stunned at the savings!  Thank you, NFAA and Office Depot. I am a fan for life!”
– Renee Settle

The NFAA local chapter monthly meetings have been outstanding. Lots of informative speakers and great for networking.”
– Fred Fuld III, Stock Market Trivia, http://StockMarketTrivia.com

The local NFAA chapter offerings, combined with the digital resources of the national organization, have been a delightful plunge into the worlds of writing and publishing.”
– Anonymous

The NFAA website is a great resource. It is loaded with checklists and explanation to understand the publishing process. I have really enjoyed the Chapter meetings. It’s great to meet with peers and have lively discussions, its very motivational.

“Stephanie Chandler was one of the most dynamic, engaging speakers at SFWC 2015, and I was thrilled to find out I could learn more from her—and many others she vetted—by becoming a member of NFAA, which I did right away. The [Nonfiction Writers] conference was a 3-day extravaganza of fascinating talks, and I loved that I could be home “attending” with my computer. The teleseminars are super-helpful and I appreciate they are weekly and repeatable for Authority members. As a longtime editor, book consultant, memoir teacher and author, I am grateful.”
– Suzanne Sherman, GIRLHOOD IN AMERICA: PERSONAL STORIES 1910-2010, www.suzannesherman.com www.100yearsinthelife.com

“Regard NFAA as your virtual mentor that you can use to keep you up to date.
– James Hodges,Ph.D. Book Title, “Beyond the Cherry Tree, the leadership wisdom of George Washington.” www.leadershipbygeorge.com

I attended my first chapter meeting in Toronto Ontario Canada. I learned so much valuable information from just that first meeting. I’m looking forward to attending more. I am learning all what NFAA has to offer. And I’m so happy that I discovered it! I have just finished writing my first book entitled “The Fighter Within: Beating life’s challenges one day at a time.”
– Denise Lowe

“The Nonfiction Authors Association has been a great asset for me.  I am a new writer trying to find my way in the sea of promises of success that are everywhere on the internet.  Trying to paddle through the overwhelming options I found myself going backwards, spending far more money on these “schemes” than my book was bringing in.  Joining NFAA has provided me access to all the right tools and education to right my ship and get my second book moving forward in sales without wasting money anymore.”
– Bob Kern, author of We Were Soldiers Too

“I have been listening to several (almost all, I think) of the recorded teleconferences and they are fantastic! I highly recommend this group for anyone who is even just thinking about writing a book. The Authority membership has been worth every penny.”
– Stacy Fisher-Gunn, RDN, CD, CDE, LivingUpp.com

The NFAA monthly meetups I’ve attended have been excellent. We’ve heard from authors, editors, and marketing experts, as well as had a chance to speak about our own projects. The networking and the inspiration that results have kept me going during the slow times of the writing process.”
– Emily Buehler, Author of Bread Science, emilybuehler.com

One of the best things I did was join the Nonfiction Authors Association. There, I can network with other nonfiction authors, as well as learn all the facets of writing, publishing, and marketing books. The Nonfiction Writers Conference — which is virtual to accommodate busy schedules and keeps members from incurring travel expenses — has been extremely useful to me. Overall, this is a must-join organization for any nonfiction author or aspiring author.”
– Beth Gainer, author of Calling the Shots in Your Medical Care, bethgainer.com.

NFAA has proven a godsend for me in just a few weeks. The available resources have clarified many aspects of publishing of which I was hazy or unaware. And the conference looks superb!”
– Stephen M. Archer, author of Junius Brutus Booth: Theatrical Prometheus

“I decided late in life to write my book, Better Dead Than Divorced. Until the end of the writing I was under the impression the hard work was over. Then I realized that besides my family, some of my patients and some of my social connections, nobody, who reads books had heard of me. I kept asking myself, What am I going to do now? The first, based on common sense, was to join groups who have the expertise on the subject. I wrote nonfiction and I joined Nonfiction Authors Association. Very happy I did it and very happy from what I have learned from them since. My only regret: I was late to join them. I should have done it while still writing. Not after the end.
– Lukas Konandreas, M.D., Author of Better Dead Than Divorced, BetterDeadThanDivorced.com

NFAA more than delivers on substance! Every teleseminar is packed with helpful information and inspiration! Plus, plus so many needed resources! They do the two things we strive to offer in our work so well: substantial tools and a like-minded community to take a big step in their life!”
– Susan Allen, Author of The Healing Choice series, susanallendesignworks.com

“The Nonfiction Authors Association and Stephanie Chandler have helped me find my way through the self-publishing jungle. I have authored over a dozen books published by major publishers, but I still had much to learn in order to self-publish. Beyond the writing and design aspects, there’s much to know about various self-publishing options and beyond all that of course there is marketing. It’s too much for any one person to handle without a seasoned guide. I would have been lost without the NFAA and Stephanie Chandler’s books. The print version of my new book The Cooperative Games Bullying Prevention Program is now in hand and digital versions will be available in a few weeks. With continued marketing support from the NFAA, I am confident that this book can make an impact. I highly recommend joining the NFAA if you have a book inside you that must come out.
– Suzanne Lyons, Author of The Cooperative Games Bullying Prevention Program and founder of CooperativeGames.com

“Writing is a solitary activity.  NFAA provides a link to other writers and resources that continue to prove helpful.  I just self-published my first book.  And NFAA kept me focused with last year’s writers’ conference and the monthly teleseminars.  Thank you for all the resource material.  Thank you for the weekly homework.  Thank you for being a guiding light and a reminder that we are each on our own journey, but we can share the ride!
– Alicemarie O’Neill, Author of The Formula: Seven Steps for Healing from Depression and Manic Depression

NFAA is a rich treasure house of knowledge and resources for any author.  In the first months of my membership, our local chapter has created for me wonderful new connections with authors and resources that are helping me maximize the impact of my book and engineer into place the framework for more publications.”
– Jeffrey Ritter, author of Achieving Digital Trust: The New Rules for Business at the Speed of Light

“As an aspiring writer, sometimes you may feel alone or confused about the process. Stephanie Chandler’s brilliant NFAA is that invaluable guiding light in the darkness that will help you see your way through. I’ve relied many times on it and it’s been a great investment.”
– Lauren Tyson, theliquorlicenseadvisor.com

“I must confess that there is a great deal more to writing a book than I imagined in the beginning.  The helpful tips and advice from the wonderful members at NFAA have been a continual source of encouragement as I have moved forward with my first book project.  “I Am Not An Anachronism” sub titled; “Gaining Value at Every Career Stage” is due to be published early summer of 2016.  I wrote a post on the NFAA [member forum] asking if anyone had advice for an aspiring writer and was overwhelmed at the response.  You have also made yourself available to me to share your insights and expertise so I cannot imagine what it would have been like to embark on this journey without the support and guidance from the NFAA. The member tips and resources have been outstanding.”
– Don Polley

Joining the Boise chapter of the NFAA has helped me further refine my writing path thanks to its focus on the business side of writing. Cristen Iris, our local and now National Chapter Director, brings infectious enthusiasm to helping others become better authorpreneurs. I am excited to be on board as a co-organizer of our great group.”
Jeri Walker, Author of The Two Yosemites

“My name is Tzeli Triantafillou, I am a toxicologist, a corporate employee, a single mom, and one of the 80% of Americans that dreams of publishing a book! My time is very limited and my endless responsibilities make it very challenging for me to make any steps towards my goal of becoming a published author. NFAA has been invaluable in providing me with all the resources I need at my fingertips to continue to take steps towards making my dream of publishing my first book a reality. Whether its the Social media cheat sheets, the hot off the press latest marketing strategies for the highest ROI, the expertise  and pearls of wisdom from non fiction authors that share best practices, the annual writers conference, or the many discounts that are exclusively available to NFAA members, the benefits of NFAA membership are endless. I have learned so much over the last 6 months since I became an NFAA member, during live meetings, conference calls as well as succinct brief email newsletters. I really appreciate the practical tools I receive on a consistent basis as part of my NFAA membership and being able to access all the services and tools I need, (book keepers, copy editors and proof readers), so I can joust focus on writing. My membership has more than returned my investment in less than 6 months and i am very grateful to NFAA and to Stephanie for such amazing content and how to guides.
– Tzeli Triantafillou

The NFAA is one of my top online supports as my writing takes me deeper into my career.  The ability to link into every aspect of writing from your first word written through book signings is incredible.  Since joining, the Association continues to add on more valuable resources and links broadening my education of this complex craft.  The response time when I send emails to the Association is extremely quick and personal.  For anyone looking for a link to a proactive, professional writing community, the NFAA is the place to be!
– Carol D’Agostino, Author of “The Angle of Life”

The NFAA has, without a doubt, been the best thing that has happened to my career in the publishing industry. I started out with the free membership, then became a chapter leader and Authority level member. The value I receive from local engagement and exposure to nationally known authors and industry leaders through teleseminars, blog posts, and the annual writers teleconference is immeasurable.

Application of the information provided has given me traction as an author and as a business person. There’s no need to sift through the internet for the information I need because the resources available to NFAA members is comprehensive.

Stephanie Chandler has created something that truly stands apart. Her passion to educate and create community is evident in everything she does.

I’m very proud to be associated with an organization that serves and values every level of nonfiction writer and authorpreneur.”
– Cristen Iris, National Chapter Director, CristenIris.com

“What has being an Authority Member done for me? My first answer is the feedback when I share thoughts and questions about my projects. Whether in emails with the staff or on the message boards, I have been given ideas that further my work towards my goals. The second item that has blessed my writing career is all of the extras you receive throughout the year. I’ve been able to implement research and marketing techniques. I have grown my client list. And through perks, I have even saved money that I would be spending with other groups.”
– Michelle Kelly

“Thank you so much for over-delivering on great info for authors. To say these downloads have been helpful is a gross understatement!”
– MarciaGrace

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