Nonfiction Book Award Status: GOLD


Are you…

  • Feeling unfulfilled in a corporate role and looking for something different?
  • Contemplating a career change to work that is more “mission driven”?
  • Trying to figure out how you can secure a role where you “give back”?

For many, corporate work has lost its shine. Perhaps you feel a tug toward work that feels more connected to your values. Maybe you have specific community interests where you’d like to make an impact. Or, you’ve seen firsthand the good that nonprofits do, and you want to be a part of it.

Marcia Ballinger, PhD brings her 25 years of experience working across nonprofit and corporate sectors in the executive search world to help you determine whether a move to the nonprofit space is right for you, and more importantly, she tells you exactly how to go about making the jump.

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Author Bio

Marcia Ballinger, PhD is a veteran of the executive search field with over 25 years of experience recruiting executives in the for-profit and nonprofit sectors. Her prior experience includes roles in corporate training and human resources. Marcia is a frequent speaker to groups of executives in transition and is the author of The 20-Minute Networking Meeting and Winning the Executive Interview.