Nonfiction Book Award Status: GOLD


The inspiring story of one man’s survival after a life-changing accident, and finding  possibility in life’s darkest moments.  

In a split second, Mark Berridge’s life came crashing down. His bicycle understeered  through a corner, the impact wrenching him over the handlebars and catapulting him  headfirst into a stormwater drain. A large piece of dislodged vertebra compressed his spinal cord, causing devastating nerve damage. Mark spent more than seven weeks in the hospital and nine months in intensive rehabilitation. His sustained effort to regain mobility  became an integral part of his new identity.  

A Fraction Stronger focuses on the insight and inspiration that can guide you through your  impossible moments. Mark shares how small actions, combined with determination to seek  out possibility in the darkness, can light your way forward.  

It’s not about the fall – it’s about how you choose to get up. The world is full of possibility if  you choose to explore it. Mark found the power within to become a fraction stronger every  day. And you can, too.  

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Author Bio

Mark Berridge’s high-powered corporate career came to an abrupt end in March 2019,  fracturing his identity and triggering a personal battle to regain mobility and find new  meaning. Building on his gratitude for those who helped him throughout his journey, Mark  now writes and speaks about facing adversity, and shares the actions and attitudes that  supported his recovery to help others bounce back after a traumatic situation or to  instigate productive change in their lives.