ADDICTED TO HOPECongratulations on your silver book award!


Anyone who loves somebody suffering from addiction should pick up Mitchum and Denofio’s 2022 biography, Addicted to Hope: a chronicle of Michelle Mulledy’s life as the wife of an addict.
• A journey into self-discovery and self-confidence, Michelle’s story gives real hope to
families supporting loved ones battling addiction.
• Watching her husband build a million-dollar business and then sink to the depths of living
homeless on the streets of Boston, Michelle finds her faith and herself.
• While supporting her loved one through recovery and coping with his relapses, Michelle
learns the importance of caring for oneself.
• Often in unexpected and wondrous ways, Michelle leaves behind the isolation of addiction
to experience the warmth of her spiritual community embracing her.

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Author Bio

Jo Anne Mitchum, a Marriage and Family Therapist, began working in the mental health field as a crisis counselor helping clients with drug and alcohol addiction. Inspired to write her first biography, Addicted to Hope, Jo Anne taps on her experience as a Marriage and Family Therapist to thoughtfully illustrate the struggles and growth experienced by families battling addiction. Jo Anne now spends her time writing and helping couples achieve a deeper sense of understanding, empathy, and connectedness within their relationships.

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