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Drafted at the age of twenty, Connard Hogan answers the call to serve his country, even while millions of Americans question their country’s presence in Vietnam. A naïve and inexperienced young man with an alcoholic and abusive father, Connard finds himself immersed in the toxic masculinity of the army and the unpredictability of warfare.

While serving as an intelligence analyst in Vietnam, Connard endures the constant awareness that death is always close by while observing the widespread daily infliction of trauma upon others. From seeking female companionship in darkened brothels to being awakened by VC mortar attacks in the night, the contradictions of living in a war zone as a burgeoning young man creates a landmine of temptations for Connard. He seeks escape from fear, frustration, and restlessness through various diversions, none of which provides him relief from the adrenaline-induced moments of personal threat. Through the chaos of it all, he searches for his humanity and the true meaning of manhood.

On a new life path after his military discharge, the debilitating effects of Connard’s time serving in the army intensifies until his inner turmoil reaches the breaking point, and he seeks help through counseling. Ultimately, through his healing journey, Connard awakens to the lasting effects of trauma and PTSD, and comes to understand that it’s not about the forgetting . . . it’s about the remembering.

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Author Bio

A child of the ‘50s and ‘60s Connard Hogan dropped out of engineering school in 1968. As a result, he was conscripted into the US Army and served a one-year tour of duty in Vietnam. Following an honorable military discharge, he received a BS in Sociology at Western Kentucky University and then an MA in Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling from the University of San Francisco. As a licensed therapist, Connard worked for twenty-five years in various settings treating addicts and alcoholics, and those suffering from major psychiatric disorders. As a writer, primarily of nonfiction, he authored Once Upon a Kentucky Farm: Hope and Healing from Family Abuse, Alcoholism and Family Dysfunction, published in March 2022. Discover more about Connard and his work at

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