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Research suggests only 12% of American employees have confidence that their leadership is equipped to lead them forward. This rampant distrust between employees and leaders is the result of outdated leadership models, and today it only serves to hamper organizational performance. In the wake of seismic operating shifts, technological advances, and a global pandemic, workplaces are forever changed—and what used to work no longer yields the same results. Without appropriate human and relational skills, leaders lack tools to effectively lead, leading to burnout, disengagement, high stress, unfulfilling work, and quiet quitting.

Throughout a 25-year career in industry and professional services as an executive, advisor, and consultant, Dr. Jennifer Nash recognized that the solution to advance leadership capabilities and enhance individual and organizational effectiveness is to gain fluency in the human element of business.

Based on her work with thousands of leaders helping them connect people and performance to deliver exceptional results, as well as her empirical research, hands-on practice, and iteration, she created the Human Leadership operating model—a tool designed to elevate human and business performance.

In Be Human, Lead Human: How to Connect People and Performance, Dr. Nash reveals the innovative Human Leadership approach. She offers readers an actionable framework to transform their leadership thinking and practice, engaging humanity and human connection as the cornerstone of organizational effectiveness.

Dr. Nash enables readers to measure their leadership skills, identify their goals, and expand their toolkit through a personalized, actionable roadmap. Readers will learn how to see, think, and perform in powerful new ways. Be Human, Lead Human: How to Connect People and Performance is a clear must read for leaders with the courage to disrupt the status quo, be human, and transform the world.

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Author Bio

Jennifer Nash, PhD, MBA, PCC is a leadership expert and consultant to Fortune 50 organizations such as Google, Ford, Exxon Mobil, JPMorgan, IBM, Boeing, and Verizon. She is Founder & CEO of Jennifer Nash Coaching & Consulting, helping successful leaders connect people and performance to deliver exceptional results. Jennifer’s 25-year resume includes serving in executive and leadership roles at Deloitte Consulting and Ford Motor Company and as adjunct professor at the University of Michigan. She contributes to Harvard Business Review, has presented her research at Columbia University, and is a Harvard Institute of Coaching Fellow. Learn more at

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