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How do leading companies win by changing the game? Established businesses like Amazon, Starbucks, and Tesla as well as emerging players like Peloton, Halo Top, and Seedlip have a secret system for winning. These and other “Transcender” companies do NOT play the traditional brand game that every other company plays; they create their own game and force competitors to play by their rules.

Brands Don’t Win reveals the proven, practical three-step Transcender System that leading companies use to transcend their rivals and own their markets. Learn step-by-step how to use and apply the Transcender System, considered by top executives to be the world’s most powerful winning system for companies and their products.

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Author Bio

Stan Bernard, MD, MBA is an internationally-recognized, award-winning global competition consultant, keynote speaker, and published author. He is the President of Bernard Associates, LLC and the creator of The Transcender System™. A former Senior Fellow at The Wharton School of Business, Dr. Bernard has been a consultant to leading businesses around the world for nearly four decades, working with more than 150 companies across six continents.

Over 15,000 professionals have participated in his firm’s competitive simulations (“business war games”), Transcender System training workshops, Transcender System seminars, and speaking engagements.



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