Nonfiction Book Award Status: GOLD


Are you searching for greater perspective? Have you felt discouraged or uninspired in a world of instability and uncertainty? Have you lost hope in the face of difficult circumstances? Or maybe you just want to read an exciting and unforgettable tale based on a true story that will transform and transport you? Whatever you’re looking for, this is an adventure that will open your eyes, touch your heart, and stretch your beliefs of what’s possible.

Take a journey with author Shane Svorec in the pages of her book Broken Little Believer: Finding Purpose in All the Pretty Painful Pieces as she invites readers to see the world through the back seat of a VW bus. Across the country and through the years, colorful experiences make up her transient upbringing where her empathetic spirit and perpetual optimism become the foundation for a life of adaptability, greater understanding, and never-ending wonder. A story about a girl who refuses to be a victim of her past or a product of her circumstances, Shane searches for purpose even in pain with a determined, but free spirit and shows others how to do the same. Creating a life out of overcoming the unthinkable, she dreams of a brighter future and envisions a world of possibilities as she stares out from the back seat of her family Volkswagen.

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Author Bio

Shane Svorec is a lifelong writer, mental health advocate, and crisis intervention worker. Her story, the result of living as a traveling gypsy, a peace seeking hippie, and a loving missionary, is one of hope and kindness. Shane’s humanitarian efforts span across many different organizations while her pursuit of truth, understanding, and compassion can be felt in her writing. 

Shane resides in New Jersey, along with her husband, three children, rescue dogs, and chickens.