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Signed By Chris Dorsey Hardcover with Dust-jacket Includes Companion DVD (2.5 hours)
298 Pages
The World of Wingshooting With the Largest Outdoor TV Producer in History
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The world of sporting literature has a new classic from one of the planet’s most widely traveled hunters. Call Time…The World of Wingshooting with the largest outdoor TV producer in history, is a book and film production more than 30 years in the making. Author and Executive Producer Chris Dorsey, along with a team of the world’s best sporting life photographers and cinematographers, embarked on expeditions to distant corners of the globe to create an indelible portrait of wingshooting.

Dorsey has spent the past 30 years investigating and chronicling the finest bird hunting destinations on the planet while producing nearly 60 outdoor adventure television series. In the process, his teams have amassed a library of more than 100,000 hours of HD footage and nearly 150,000 photographs, making Call Time (the book and companion film set) an unmatched celebration of the world of wingshooting.

The stunning, large-format book chronicles 18 different wingshooting adventures on four continents. Its chapters feature pheasant, bobwhite quail, ruffed grouse, woodcock, greywing francolin, ocellated turkey, spurfowl, sandgrouse, duck, goose, perdiz, dove, and driven shoots for red-legged partridge, guineafowl, pheasants and grouse. 

Internationally acclaimed photographers Dusan Smetana, Marcos Furer, Lee Kjos, Gary Kramer, John MacGillivray and many others spent thousands of hours in remote locations to capture a stunning collection of images that help make the 300-page opus an instant classic. Each chapter features a 10-minute corresponding film shot on location during the creation of Call Time.  

“This has been a monumental team effort to produce an epic collection of wingshooting stories and imagery the likes of which has never before been created,” says Dorsey. “We set out a long time ago to bring together the world’s most talented team to create an enduring work.”

Dorsey’s productions—including Sporting Classics with Chris Dorsey airing on Outdoor Channel and in syndication on more than 120 stations coast to coast–are seen across the globe on a variety of networks. Some of those networks include ABC, Discovery Channel, History Channel, National Geographic, HGTV, DIY, Travel Channel, ESPN, NBC Sports Network, Oxygen, WGN America, Outdoor Channel and other affiliates across Europe, Asia and South America. 

Chris Dorsey is also the author of 12 books on outdoor and natural history subjects and his work has appeared in scores of sporting periodicals across the English speaking world as well as National Geographic, Forbes, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, Robb Report and many others. He’s a member of the Outdoor Legends Hall of Fame and a recipient of the Ray Scott Trailblazer Award as well as the Curt Gowdy Memorial Award. 

I’ve been lucky enough to share a number of days afield with Chris Dorsey, a man with more wingshooting adventures under his belt than probably anyone on Planet Earth. The only thing that rivals his skill with a shotgun is his way of spinning an unforgettable tale.
— Steve Smith, Pointing Dog Journal

Chris Dorsey is as nimble and accurate with his words as he is with a shotgun. He is the voice and dominant eye of every wing shooter. He writes of many experiences afield familiar to each of us with such clarity, poignance and wit that you swear you’d been together on that outing. Then there are the strange sights, scents and sounds of his extraordinary distant adventures which immediately jump to the top our aspirational life list! While his knowledge and acumen on shotguns, wingshooting, bird dogs, ornithology, destinations, guides, cultures and travel are prodigious his uncontested forte is his use of language. I’ve every confidence he could make a treatise on the genesis of the Dewey Decimal Classification system an enjoyable must read on the strength alone of his superb wordsmithing. 
— Matthew B. Connolly, Ducks Unlimited Executive Vice President, retired

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Author Bio

Chris Dorsey is among the world’s most widely traveled sportsmen. He has fished and hunted on five continents, and has served in board leadership and advisory roles of numerous conservation and sporting advocacy organizations. He’s a member of the Outdoor Legends Hall of Fame and is a recipient of the Ray Scott Trailblazer Award as well as the Curt Gowdy Memorial Award. He’s a biologist, author of seven books on outdoor subjects, is a past editor-in-chief of Sports Afield and Ducks Unlimited magazines. His work has appeared in most of the outdoor magazines in the English-speaking world as well as in National Geographic, Newsweek, Forbes, The Wall Street Journaand the Robb Report.

Dorsey has been called the “brand father” of outdoor television for having produced more than 2,000 episodes across 56 series with the largest brands in the outdoors. He’s also hosted nearly 400 episodes and has fished freshwater and saltwater across the globe from Africa to Alaska and from South America to the South Pacific. His television productions are seen across the world and on a wide variety of U.S. mainstream cable and broadcast networks including ABC, Discovery Channel, HGTV, WGN America, DIY, Travel Channel, History Channel, National Geographic, Nat Geo Wild, Outdoor Channel, Animal Planet, Oxygen and others.

Whether through his countless television productions or the written word, Dorsey is relentless in celebrating and introducing the conservation and intrinsic.


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