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Nonfiction Book Award - Silver Winner - 150


Clap If You Can Hear Me presents practical solutions to empower students and parents in education. A navigational guide that exposes critical deficits in PreK through higher education programs, it also illuminates best practices–illustrated throughout each chapter–to prepare youth for life, not just college.

The culmination of the enclosed suggestions deliver a balanced, quality education that is affordable and relevant. Infusing higher education with life skills and work experience that today’s employers are looking for is a featured theme.

To achieve generational wealth and national prosperity, we must rethink how we prepare our youth for life and address post-graduate resources for both primary and higher education students entering the workforce. Clap reveals the things they don’t tell you and provides an arsenal of implementable solutions for parents and students that you can do to enhance your education.

Relevance is the greatest challenge of a robust education. Excelling in global competitiveness happens when we establish a better quality of life for all Americans while simultaneously reducing personal and government debt. Establishing this life begins with education. Clap If You Can Hear Me acts as an advocate for change with solutions that can be immediately applied to benefit students, parents, and lobbied for by any party of interest. Clap if you can hear me, ‘Merica.

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Kelly Mitchell Author Bio
(in the author’s own words)

My background is a battlefield of education and experience carnage. My curiosity latches onto a topic that piques my interest and I immerse myself in the research of that topic and once the smoke clears, there is often a certificate or a degree in my hand. The accidental casualty of a forever learner.  If you do what you love, it’s not a job, it’s a dream-where I am killing it.

Writing is the gravity that keeps my turbulent world together. The madness in my head is loud and writing is the way I find peace. My dark humor is prevalent in my work and I enjoy making people laugh while we accidentally learn an interesting, sometimes downright baffling trivia tidbit that you can whip out of your pocket and spark conversations.


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