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Author Name: Nick Psyhogeos


In Confessions of a Global Negotiator, you will learn from someone with 25 years of front-line deal experience the single most powerful weapon for neutralizing difficult opponents and winning over others. It’s you! When seeking to persuade others, your preparation, your pitch, and your perseverance are the biggest determinants for winning and losing. And the good news is, they are entirely within your control.

You will learn how to:

◦ Evaluate the motivations and interests of the other side

◦ Determine the needs, weaknesses, and Achilles’ heel of the other side

◦ Define and sell the value exchange

◦ Take and maintain leadership over the negotiation

◦ Paint a picture of success, for your opponent

◦ Exhibit a set of behavioral attributes that will blunt discord and drive reciprocity; and

◦ Break through impasse on your way to closing a great deal

If you want to dramatically enhance your confidence in leading negotiations and influencing others, and significantly improve your results in deals, read Confessions of a Global Negotiator today.

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Author Bio:

Nick is the Founder and CEO of Global Negotiations, LLC, a consultancy dedicated to improving results for organizations and employees in their negotiations.

Nick has more than two decades of negotiating experience across three continents as a trial lawyer, business leader, and most recently as President of Microsoft Corp.’s patent subsidiary. As the head of Microsoft’s patent licensing practice, Nick and his team closed more than 200 patent deals with some of the most prominent companies in the IT industry.


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