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Doorways to Transformation is an offering for the soul—a guidebook for everyday spiritual and creative growth—a celebration of the ordinary. It is an invitation to uncover all of who you are and dare to express it.

Karen Kinney offers a treasure trove of wisdom to bolster your creativity and your larger life. Drawing from her experience as a professional artist, writer, and practitioner of contemplative spirituality, she leads you on a liberating journey of greater self-awareness and expansion. Interspersing insights gleaned from living cross-culturally in Mexico, Kinney shares reflections on the creative process, abundance, stepping into your power, navigating fear, and embracing the unknown.

These meditations will encourage you to observe life more deeply, letting what you see and experience touch your inner core and awaken new growth. May you be inspired to live the larger life calling to you and empowered to act as an agent of change in your own story.

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Author Bio

Karen Kinney is the bestselling author of two books, an internationally-exhibited artist, and teacher. At her core, she is a mystic and guide, channeling wisdom through her creative work. For over 20 years, she has practiced and studied contemplative spirituality and this is the basis from which her creativity is birthed.

She has pursued a multifaceted art career and her work resides in numerous private collections, including those of Stanford University, actor Bob Odenkirk, and NPR’s Guy Raz. Her art was purchased for the Lionsgate film The Lincoln Lawyer, and she has designed installation work for the Los Angeles International Airport and painted murals in LA and Mexico.

As a speaker, Karen has led workshops on the creative process in the States and taught about creative freedom at the University of Hong Kong and the San Miguel de Allende International Writers’ Conference in Mexico. She has also been invited to speak at seminars and retreats on inner transformation and the innate connection between spirituality and creativity.

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