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What if the foundation of your family business were threatened by something out of your control? What if the livelihood of 70 employees and their families were at stake, as the license to operate your business became called into question? What if 57 years of family history, grown through generations of hard work and sacrifice, were at risk of being lost? What if the reason were actually one with which you fundamentally agreed?

Journey to 8 states, 3 national parks and 3 countries to experience the life-changing education and adventures that led the author to finding sustainability for his plastic bag manufacturing business and himself.

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Author Bio

Trent Andrew Romer has been in the custom plastic bag manufacturing business for over 25 years. He is the 3rd generation co-owner of his family’s business founded in 1961 by his grandfather. He is guided by his faith and loves the outdoors both of which he found at a young age. His passion for the planet, his faith, and his family business ignited a quest to take action toward a better future. He has traveled extensively to learn about and apply sustainability in his professional and personal life. He has Master’s degrees in both Education and in Business. He lives outside Albany, NY and spends summers vacationing at national parks, nearby lakes, and the ocean with his wife and three boys.

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