Nonfiction Book Award Status: GOLD


Anthony Blankenship comes from a broken home. He knows that pain. He’s lived it. He’s suffered through family dysfunction, trauma, abuse, and poverty. Maybe you have, too. But he believes you have the power to break those cycles.

In First Generation Father, Blankenship shows readers how to find balance within themselves, heal, and build a healthy and happy home for their families. This book is brutally honest, entertaining, and insightful—a must-read for anyone raised in a challenging environment who wants to avoid passing down generational scars. Whether you’re searching for ways to improve yourself, strengthen your marriage, or practice genuine love, the philosophy shared in these pages will change life for you—and your family—forever.

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Author Bio

Anthony Blankenship was born to an unwed, teenage mother and a father who would later serve time in prison. His home life exposed him to violence, drugs, and poverty at a young age. At fifteen, struggling with unhealed mental and emotional wounds, Anthony committed a crime that nearly cost him his life. He used this low point to slingshot himself forward, focusing on growth, accountability, and evolution. Anthony searched for ways to educate himself and break free from the cyclical pull of his early environment. Today, the former army officer has found his golden zone. A happily married father of two, he has developed a philosophy that allowed him to heal and lead his family into health, happiness, and prosperity. Now, he’s ready to share this philosophy with the world.


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