Nonfiction Book Award - Silver Winner - 150Nonfiction Book Award Status: Silver

Author Name: Jake Bussolini


Many of the subjects in this book are truly controversial for many experienced anglers who have been using the same angling techniques and fishing myths for most of their life. The author has examined each of these myths, performing detailed tests where needed to prove that scientifically, the myths are no longer valid and may never have been. To make the reading experience more interesting the author had used history and historical events to support his theories and processes. This is a unique way to increase the reading enjoyment of this book.

Fishing Different: Techniques for Improving SuccessBuy the book at Amazon.

Author Bio:

Jake Bussolini had a successful career in engineering which eventually led to a top executive position with a major Aerospace company. His education and career technical positions solidified his background in the sciences which he applies to all of his outdoor writings. His books uniquely combine the science of fishing with the sport, providing a different and interesting view of many long standing myths associated with the sport. Jake has fished more than one hundred different lakes and rivers doing research for his books about freshwater fishing.

Jake has also ventured into the field of business writing, using his personal experiences to produce “The Last Chapter” that won a silver award from the Non Fiction Authors Association.


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