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DIANE DEWEY, surrendered in a German orphanage at age one, was adopted and raised by loving parents near Philadelphia, who withheld information about her origins, seemingly to protect her. Then the axis shifted. When Diane’s Swiss biological father contacted her by letter after forty-six years, her sense of truth was upended. She sifted through competing versions of the story of her birth and adoption, and discovered disturbing secrets about her true fate. These
findings Diane sought to substantiate or refute through resonant family reunions and then, another mysterious letter appeared. What followed was an elusive peace. One-part forensic investigation, one-part self-discovery, Fixing the Fates is an unflinching saga of facing deception and resetting the compass to live one’s truth.

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Author Bio:

Diane holds her BA from Villanova University, the Honors Program in Liberal Arts. She later completed a certificate program from The Art Institute of Philadelphia, working for the Solomon. R. Guggenheim Museum and the National Academy, before founding her own art appraisal firm. Diane earned a Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling from Capella University in 2015. She lives in St. Petersburg, Florida and near Schaffhausen, Switzerland with her husband and their rescue dog. Fixing the Fates is her first book.

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