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In From 50 to 500, the authors identify key characteristics of small companies with the potential for rapid growth. Using this perspective, they present a highly relevant, easy-to-understand, and actionable model, defining the motivators, capabilities and potential derailers unique to small business leaders. Readers are then invited to explore the distinct business challenges two typical leaders face over a business cycle. Opportunities to evaluate each leader’s decisions and outcomes provide valuable insights into their effectiveness and impact, and tools are provided to strengthen leadership effectiveness and achieve improved organizational results.

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Author Bio

Our varied backgrounds and tenures represent a combined one-hundred-plus years of insight into challenges and needs of small to midsized leaders. We have founded and grown small companies, built market-leading firms that grew to employ hundreds of high-performing employees. We have worked as executives in large corporations. Also, we have seen both sides of the institutional investment world, having a first-hand view of companies that both succeeded and failed to grow. Our work has been across the business, practitioner, and academic fields. These distinct experiences, combined with a comprehensive collection of small business-specific research, provide what we think is a credible view of small business leadership. We are Jonathan and Richard Dapra and Jonas Akerman. We have known each other personally and professionally for many years (Rich has known Jonathan for his entire life—he is his father). We three share a similar perspective on leadership and the approaches one can take to develop their capabilities. Small business leadership is a new and distinct focus for us. The prospect of supporting a long-overlooked group of leaders was appealing. But we were drawn to this area for distinct reasons. Rather than provide a trio of boring biographies, we thought we would tell you a bit more about our backgrounds and why we were inspired to research and develop solutions specific to leaders like you.

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