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Your first real job out of school. Day one. Help!

Welcome to the working world where having the ability to work smart will demonstrate to your company you are wise beyond your years and present a tremendous opportunity to dash up the corporate ladder.

Here’s the catch – learning how to work smart is not taught in school nor does it appear in your new employee handbook.

This book is your blueprint to working smart successfully in a physical or remote office as it demonstrates:

  • What your company and manager expect from you – so you can shine from day one
  • Who the office superheroes are – and how they can save your assets
  • Which people you need in your trusted inner circle – and how they will make every day brighter, easier, and fun
  • Which employee benefits will help you maintain your physical, emotional, and financial health – something you’ll really need in your first job
  • How to nail the etiquette for working remotely – and it doesn’t involve potato chips

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Author Bio

Ed Bray, an award-winning human resources guru and college instructor with over twenty-five years of experience working for ten companies, including Hawaiian Airlines, Apria Healthcare, and Ross Stores, Inc., serves as your guide to achieving success early in your career.

When he’s not trying to act like a human resources superhero, Ed lives in Dublin, California, and enjoys sports, traveling, exercising, and spending time with his wife, Christy, their three children, Sarah, Corinne, and Liam, and labradoodle, Alfie.


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