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Do you struggle to embrace your birthday? Discover a new approach to transform your experience into one that is more satisfying and delightful.

Are you dreading turning another year older? Can’t see the fun in celebrating you? Fear you’ll be disappointed or underwhelmed again? Birthday aficionado Tamar Hurwitz-Fleming knows what it takes to turn that feeling of anxiety as the day approaches into one that uplifts and honors our unique existence. Now she’s here to share thoughtful ways to embrace the moment and ignite the spark.

How to Have a Happy Birthday is a thorough dive into a day that is often glossed over or trivially observed. With a wise and refreshing voice, Hurwitz-Fleming invites you to take charge of your day, plan for it as if it’s a major holiday, and enrich it with more intention so you can truly be happy and fulfilled. And by following her motivational and deep insights into the human experience, you’ll soon be looking forward to a day that celebrates you.

In How to Have a Happy Birthday, you’ll discover:

– An in-depth, comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about becoming “birthday-positive”

– Thoughtful questions to help you identify and ease fears, so you’ll discover what will bring you joy on your special day

– Anecdotes, creative plans, and new ideas to help you find the magic

– What to do – and NOT to do – to transform this celebration into pure enjoyment

– Tips to dodge the birthday blues, a personal workbook, and much, much more!

Whether you are 18 or 80, if you like heartfelt advice, straightforward information, and refreshing points of view, then you’ll love How to Have a Happy Birthday.

Read How to Have a Happy Birthday today and receive the true gifts your birthday promises!

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Author Bio

Tamar Hurwitz-Fleming was born January 9, 1966, and grew up experiencing happy birthdays, disappointing birthdays, and downright terrible birthdays until she turned twenty and realized making her birthday happy was entirely up to her. With each following year, Tamar paid close attention to her energy as her birthday approached and how various factors—whether under her control or not—impacted her birthday experience. She noted those observations and put them to work in the following years, so that each January 9 thereafter she was able to successfully put herself at the center of her day and experience deep fulfillment. She wrote this book to help people find deeper meaning and happiness on their birthdays too.

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