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Managing people is a 1980s construct. It is why people leave bosses, not organizations. It is no longer acceptable or relevant in today’s world. Simply stated: work is not working for many people. Work and the workplace, along with the behaviors, actions, and attitudes of many leaders, have alienated millions of people.

Award-winning author Steven Howard advocates a better approach – Humony Leadership. Humony is a created word comprising human, humanity, and harmony to emphasize the leading of people and the need for leaders to create workplaces of wellbeing and harmony.

There is no Old Reality to return to. The role of a leader is no longer to be a task overseer and a reporter of results. Rather, the leader’s role today – at every level of every organization – is to be a people performance coach. To be successful, leaders must become people-centric.

One lesson from the pandemic: people want greater human connection. Leaders need to excel at the human connection aspect of leadership. Leaders need to unlearn management and relearn to be human. And, leaders must develop mindsets enabling them to confront and handle uncertainty and ambiguity.

The key is to stop treating employees as only a means to an end. This mindset is contributing to millions of people worldwide quitting their jobs and seeking new employment with organizations that value them as human beings. There has been a fundamental change in what people value. Work is no longer the most important thing that defines a large portion of the workforce. Working harder and longer is no longer worth sacrificing health, harmony, personal relationships, and nonwork responsibilities.

Humony Leadership provides you with the mindsets, skills, behaviors, and actions that will make you a great people-centric leader. As Steve Cadigan, LinkedIn’s First Chief HR Office states, “Humony Leadership is a refreshing and bold framework sure to help aspiring leaders today and tomorrow.

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Author Bio

Steven Howard is an award-winning author of 22 leadership, marketing, and management books.

His book Better Decisions Better Thinking Better Outcomes: How to go from Mind Full to Mindful Leadership, received a Silver Award from the Nonfiction Authors Association. He also wrote Leadership Lessons from the Volkswagen Saga, which won three prestigious publishing industry awards (2017 Independent Press Award, National Indie Excellence Award, and San Francisco Book Festival Award).