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Overcome Imposter Syndrome. Master B2B Lead Generation in Any Niche. Grow Your Business or Career 10X.

Imposter syndrome is crippling your success. Even if you don’t feel like the imposter.

This is the first book to help owners, managers, and employees in B2B overcome imposter syndrome while setting new records for sales lead generation every month. Don’t let your competitors leverage this strategy before you.

Use this book to capture customers from your competitors, engage with AI better than them, and consistently attract more new, hot leads. Learn how to build evergreen lead generating assets. Discover how to nurture new leads at scale in less than an hour a week. See exactly how to build paid ad campaigns that capture new lifelong customers. Uncover a low cost, infinitely powerful tech stack to support your lead generation efforts. Make managing staff 900% easier (approximately).

Do impressive work and be proud of it.

Ignore this book and enjoy the status quo. But be warned. Your competitors will consume you. Your colleagues will progress in their careers while you stagnate.

This book includes templates, guides, examples, and step-by-step walkthroughs. All you have to do is follow along and overcome the biggest challenges to your, or your team’s, success.

Owners, directors, learn how to manage and evaluate the work your marketing team creates as they follow the steps in these pages. Watch your profits soar.

Sales managers, get straightforward steps to follow and create lead generating assets that warm up your prospects and bring your team more sales leads than ever before. Make more commission this quarter than last year.

Marketing pros, follow the templates in this book to make the most effective lead generating assets your employer has ever seen. Make yourself invaluable to the business and score the pay raise you deserve.

This book features the only step-by-step strategy B2Bs need to follow for sustained sales lead growth, revenue growth, and market ownership.

Generate a wave of revenue growth tomorrow, a surge next month, and a tsunami over the next 10 years.

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Author Bio

John Buie has focused the past 20 years on generating inbound sales leads via high-ROI marketing campaigns for B2B equipment and service companies in North America and Europe. His passion for this subject has led to an actionable step-by-step guide for marketers, business owners, or sales leaders to implement within their companies for substantial revenue growth. John lives at the intersection of marketing and technology as the founder of both a marketing agency and an artificial intelligence (AI) company which is also focused on customer acquisition funnels. This ensures that any advice he shares utilizes the latest technological advances but is rooted in proven strategies that have generated sales leads for B2B companies in dozens of industries from laboratory, medical, semiconductor, blockchain, AI, SaaS, food & beverage manufacturing, and many more.

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