Nonfiction Book Award - Bronze Winner - 150Nonfiction Book Award Status: Bronze

Author Name: Dayo Sowunmi II


The book offers fun and fresh ways to lead, mind-read and motivate your team, and how to look after yourself. The main objective of this book is to enable Leaders and Managers learn (or re-learn) how to stand out and excel in today’s world.

Written in an easy-to-read, flowing style, the book is packed with several personal examples from the author’s 24-year career in leadership and consulting. He includes unique insights and tips, which you can apply, no matter how large or small your team. The concepts in the book are based on human psychology. Leadership, after all, is mental – and can make you so, if care is not taken.

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Leadership is MentalAuthor Bio:

Dayo Sowunmi II is a global leadership consultant, speaker, mentor and author. He is a keen Human Rights Supporter. Dayo’s work on leadership has received international acclaim and published in several international publications. He has presented at several international conferences, speaking on topics including leadership, entrepreneurship, health, marketing, and technology in business.

In 1999, he founded his consulting company, which he still runs today. He loves music and chose purple as his company’s corporate colour, in honour of his favourite musician, Prince. He is actively involved in volunteer work, and has been involved with Amnesty International in Nigeria, UK and Australia.

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