Nonfiction Book Award Status: SILVER
Nonfiction Book Award - Silver Winner - 150


Thanks to her mother’s steadfastness in letter writing, Kathy Vikre received news from home once a week for nearly 40 years. Within handwritten letters that began with “Dear Kath” and ended with “Love, Mom,” the author’s mother shined a light on her Catholic beliefs, compassion, and boundless energy. But what her daughter did not know is that one day the letters, which numbered over one thousand by the end of her mother’s life, would provide both a lifeline and a happy ending to her story.

Within a touching presentation that intertwines excerpts of her mother’s letters with details of her own journey through life, Vikre shares in Love, Mom a personal look at motherhood and survival that reveals a glimpse into the joys, struggles, and relationships between parents and their children in the years after the Second World War. Decades later, after her mother died and the author slipped into the darkness of an old depression, she discloses how the process of re-reading her mother’s letters helped guide her inward to eventually rediscover her faith and a renewed happiness in living.

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Author Bio

Reader and writer.

Mother and Grandmother.

Lover of life.

Love, Mom is her debut work.


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