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There is Hope!

Abuse of any kind undermines our sense of self-worth and has a way of twisting reality, blinding us to the very light we need to see our way to healing.

Miracles in the Dark: How a Childhood Cult and Abuse Survivor Reclaimed the Light is a compelling and raw story of overcoming the trauma of childhood abuse and finding hope and healing. In Miracles in the Dark you will gain insights about:

-How trauma affects our mental and physical capabilities. -The power in accepting and processing the pain of abuse.
-How the kind acts of others –no matter how small– can play a key role in the healing journey.
-The reality that healing from devastating abuse is possible.

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Author Bio 

Tammy René passionately shares messages of hope and healing. A survivor of childhood sexual and physical abuse in a cult, Tammy navigated a path toward recovery, finding strength in her faith. She’s worked as a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) for abused and neglected children, currently volunteering with her local Suicide Prevention Network as a PTSD support group facilitator. She’s a speaker, sharing her story to inspire hope in abuse victims and bring understanding to their communities. She is loving life in rural Nevada, cherishing time with her husband, children, and grandchildren

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